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PREVIEW: “Let it Be” at the Liverpool Empire

The critically acclaimed Beatles-based West End show Let it Be has recently started its tour of the UK this month, and will return to the Liverpool Empire between the  3rd and 8th of September. Having been already seen by more than two million people, the musical is set to feature over 40 of the Fab Four’s greatest hits, offering audiences a wide range of tunes from the early years such as ‘Twist and Shout’ to the Sgt. Pepper album.

The show has a great cast, with Michael Gagliano playing John Lennon (returning to the UK show after performing in North America and Japan), Emanuele Angeletti playing Paul McCartney, John Brosnan playing George Harrison and Ben Cullingworth as Ringo Starr. Musical director Michael Bramwell will join the band on stage on keyboards.

Producer Jeff Parry has expressed his excitement in taking the show on tour, saying:

“The cast are ready to go into rehearsals and that’s when the magic really begins – as Michael, Emanuele, John and Ben come together as a band and prepare to wow audiences with their effortless and indistinguishable portrayal as John, Paul, George and Ringo. It’s going to be a very special, memorable show.”

This show has been updated to feature a second act which is set in 1980, a decade after the The Beatles split up, where the band perform one last concert for one night only. This is said to give fans a rare glimpse of “the concert that never was” and see how a reunion gig may have panned out.

Let it Be has already gained critical acclaim, with Reuters, New York saying “The Beatles are back sending theatre audiences dancing into the aisles” and Liverpool Sound and Vision describing it as “The gig that Liverpool never had is now the gig that Liverpool cannot do without.”

After Liverpool, the show will head to Nottingham, Dublin, Hull, Edinburgh, Dartford and Manchester before travelling overseas to countries such as Germany and North America and with a fantastic tribute to the Fab Four in their own hometown, Let it Be is the night that no Beatles fan wants to miss!

Tickets for the show can be found on the link below:

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