Pete Doherty – Hanger 34 (27/01/2019)

Rising to fame from one of the biggest indie rock bands The Libertines, front man and guitarist Pete Doherty surprises fans with a string of intimate solo shows. Starting his tour in Hanger 34 here in Liverpool on the 27th January, Doherty supplied plenty of surprises for the sold-out show.

Arriving at the show I was not sure what to expect from the indie-rocker, will he just play his solo work or will he play famous Libertines’ hits that I’m sure plenty of the audience wants to hear?  To my surprise, Pete Doherty not only performed a large number of Libertines’ tracks but also songs from his other band Babyshambles, including I wish and Back from the Dead. After storming to the stage opening with The Libertines tune What a Waster which had the entire audience belting out the lyrics with the singer. For an acoustic show, the atmosphere within the crowd was as ecstatic as if the show was being performed at Glastonbury in front of thousands of people. This was apparent particularly when Doherty performed a number of Libertines hits including What Katie Did and Time For Heroes.

Pete Doherty surprised the crowd with a few random moments including bringing his two husky dogs on stage convincing the audience that they would sing along with him when he plays. The singer then allowed his pets to roam the stage whilst performing a large portion of his set, giving his audience an animal show along with the music. Witnessing Pete Doherty live for the first time made me aware of how talented a live performer he is from playing all guitar parts of a song on one acoustic guitar by himself to recreating famous Libertines guitar solos on his harmonica. It was clear to see how much the crowd recognised Doherty as this amazing musician from the way they sing along to his songs at the top of their lungs along with creating mosh-pits that turn this intimate acoustic set into a full-blown party.

Despite coming from one of the biggest Indie-rock bands in British history, it was very pleasant to see that Pete Doherty took the time to do small intimate shows like this one, even though he very much has the capability to fill out arenas if he wanted to. A big artist doing small gigs like this one creates a certain atmosphere that I don’t feel can be replicated in a huge venue, one that makes you feel like you are really connecting with the artist that is performing. Pete Doherty’s performance was one that makes me hope other well-known artists will start to do more intimate gigs like this one.

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