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‘Outsiders’ at The Playhouse Studio

On Friday night, Pilot Theatre Company treated the Playhouse Studio to a captivating performance of Outsiders.

The play, written by Emteaz Hussain, is inspired by Albert Camus’ novel L’Etranger. It focuses on the sister of a murdered Arab man (Sumaya) and the fiancé of his attacker (Marie). The dialogue is passed back and forth between the two women as they both try to tell their versions of what happened that day.

The character of Marie, portrayed by Lou Broadbent, came across as a timid, yet loyal character. Broadbent beautifully showcased a whirlwind of emotions throughout the performance. Sumaya, portrayed by Sara Sadeghi, could be seen as the bolder character. Though sarcastic at times, her story was grounded by a longing of not wanting to turn out like her mother, who worked for a French family. This gave a sense of vulnerability to the character, something which Sadeghi represented well. The contrast between the two characters worked wonders on stage as it highlighted the contrast in the lives and societies both women came from.

Both Broadbent and Sadeghi worked well together and bounced off each other’s words to create a convincing and dramatic performance. You cannot fault their talent – they depicted each and every emotion well and kept the audience captivated throughout the performance.

With limited space the set was minimal, but symbolic nonetheless. Each piece was significant to a moment within the story, and both characters used this minimalist set brilliantly. The simplicity kept the focus on the characters as they passed the story back and forth, favouring to tell it through their actions and words rather than through props. With no music to aid their voices, the use of sudden sound effects such as gun shots upheld the dramatic and intense atmosphere within the room.

Outsiders is a strong, powerful piece that raised a lot of questions about injustice within society. The performance was fast-paced, energetic, and kept the audience hooked from start to finish.
(Image Credit: Liverpool Everyman Playhouse)

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