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One Man and his Guitar: An Interview with Danny Shipley

Hidden all over Cleveland, Ohio, are hives of undiscovered talent and bohemian charm. Dotted throughout the city is a community of up-and-coming artists, all slowly making their presence known on the local music scene. Among these is Danny Shipley, a guitar-playing vlogger who writes and sings from the heart. As an avid collaborator, he uses his diverse tastes and lifelong passion for his art to seamlessly combine his own styles and influences with that of other artists. In doing so, Danny has already created a string of beautiful, natural-sounding duets, as well as some impressive debut solo tracks. Ellipsis sought him out to find out what is next for the Cleveland rocker.

Ellipsis: What inspires you to make music? Is there a lot of personal experience behind your songs?

I think the reason why I love to make music is simple. I love taking an instrument in my hands and creating an art that myself and others can identify with. I believe that music is a force to be reckoned with. As for songwriting, I always write from my heart and the experiences of life as the best songs come out of us naturally.

Ellipsis: I love your acoustic tracks! What made you want to learn to play the guitar? How long have you been playing?

Thank you! My acoustic songs were set up to sound melodic and sweet…I put a lot of love into them! I have been in a musical family all of my life, before guitar I played drums. After playing an electric guitar at a friend’s grad party in 2005, I knew that guitar was going to be my new instrument of choice. I find the words I can’t say through playing that instrument. That being said, I have been playing guitar every day for 10 years.

Ellipsis: As an artist, do you identify with any particular genre?

Overall I would say rock. I listen to many different kinds of guitar driven music such as jazz, blues, country, folk, rock, and gospel. If you listen, you can hear parts of those genres infused in my music.

Ellipsis: I’ve noticed that you’ve collaborated a lot with other artists. Who would you like to work with next?

I have been so blessed to have worked with other musicians in my city who are (what I consider to be) among the most talented. Right now with my Cleveland Collab videos, my plan is to keep featuring musicians from my city whether big or small. You can always learn more from other artists.

Ellipsis: Do you have any plans to tour?

Currently none, but mini tours will be coming soon!

Ellipsis: What advice would you give to other artists entering the world of music?

Never give up, it’s your dream and you are the only one that can make it happen.

Hear more from Danny Shipley: Danny’s pilot EP is available from iTunes. You can listen to his collaborations and vlogs via his YouTube channel. You can also keep up with Danny via Twitter.

(Featured image credit: Taken from Facebook.)

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