Jessica Fleming

Nimmo @ Arts Club

With the crowd getting more and more revved up with anticipation for Danish singer/songwriter , the London-based electronic five piece also known as Nimmo took to the stage. Having had the pleasure to interview the two frontwomen Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, only hours before, I was keen and excited to see what they had instore for their set and in no way did I leave disappointed afterwards.

Taking to the stage, Sarah’s voice instantly captivated the entire room as she sang the opening words to ‘My Only Friend’, a favourite of mine for how the track progresses throughout and met part way through by Reva’s haunting beautiful harmonies, margin perfectly with Sarah’s. A strong opener, the group had the audience enthralled from the very beginning – a real challenge for any support act. With instruments ranging from guitars, drums, synths and keyboards, the band threw out vibes which remind me of The XX (if The XX did 80s disco, that is), along with the likes of Shura and Bipolar Sunshine.

Next came ‘Dilute This’, with its repetitive and catchy lyrics. Reva and Sarah jumped into sync, having known each other since age 12, it was clear to see the chemistry between the pair as they performed. Each song merged into the next perfectly making the gig feel more like DJ set, keeping the audience moving, captured by the music.

Other favourites from their set included the energetic dance anthem ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’, which found Sarah jumping down from the stage and singing into the crowd, as well as their cover of 90’s classic ‘Touch Me’ by Rui Da Silva. However, for me personally, it was closing track ‘UnYoung’ which had the greatest impact. It’s this song which epitomizes all that Nimmo is as a band – bursting with energy, memorability and full of passion.

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