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Nightmares on Wax: Welcome to shaping the future at Invisible Wind Factory 09/02/18

George Evelyn (also known as Nightmares on Wax & DJ E.A.S.E.) has been touring the UK a lot recently. With over 25 years of music activity under his belt, he knows the scene like the back of his hand. Evelyn was of the first artists to be signed to legendary music label Warp Records, who have since become synonymous for their experimental electric styles and have been represented by accredited electric artists such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Flying Lotus.

Evelyn’s new album ‘Shape of the Future’ is an experimental fusion of hip-hop, soul and dub, which came out on January 26th just a few days before he premiered it in his home town of Leeds. In this album, the talented producer, musicians & DJ continues to deliver the soulful sounds that he has produced over the last two decades. It was this album that dominated the set list last Friday night.

George Evelyn was joined by singers LSK and new recruit Sadie Walker who have been accompanying Eveyln on tours and feature in his new album. Drummer Grant Kershaw continued to supply Nightmares on Wax with a steady selection of beats that at times, combined with sampling and audio visuals, made it feel like at you were listening to a whole Orchestra play.

The front room set up was a precursor to the smooth downbeat music that was to follow; the first half of the set was primarily the new album ‘Shape of the Future’, which was expected and the crowd clearly enjoyed. However the golden oldies are hard to beat and closing performances of ‘You Wish’ (2006) and ‘Les Nuits’ (1999) were met with ovation as the crowd burst into dance. Nightmares of Wax’s music is the definition of timeless, and his new album is no exception.

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