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Music and Memories: An Interview with Curses

Hailing from Coachella Valley, California, Curses are an up and coming band with some big tracks and some even bigger dreams. As experimentalists, the eclecticism of their musical style makes them difficult to pigeon-hole into just one genre. Their 2014 release, You Know I Care, with its haunting piano melodies and steady, rhythmic chugging has the quality of a heartfelt rock-ballad, whereas later efforts, such as Crossing Lines & Burning Bridges, are more of a techo-metalcore blend. Spreading a message of strength and endurance, Curses can also be commended as passionate lyricists, especially in tracks such as On My Way – a song about persevering through disappointment and disillusionment. Ellipsis got in touch with the three-piece to talk origins, memories and aspirations.

Ellipsis: Who would you say has influenced you the most, musically?

Curses: I would say that there are too many bands that have influenced us, especially because we are from an age where we have things like YouTube and Spotify to listen to hundreds of different artists, as opposed to listening to a couple of albums for a long time before going on to next one. However, we can mention certain genres that influenced us like punk rock, indie, glam metal and 80s metal, as well as heavier stuff like death metal and black metal.

What was the first gig you went to?

David: My first gig was Angels and Airwaves in 2006, in Mexico City.

Mani: Mine was a Spanish rock band called Jaguares.

What inspired you to start a band?

Miguel: I’ve always been into music, and surrounded by friends who also like and play music. I started playing the piano, but the one who inspired me to start singing was my father. He was a singer for a Mexican band.

What made you choose the name ‘Curses’?

Curses: When the band started we were just looking for a simple but cool-sounding name. We also wanted to go against the trend at the time of having longer names. However, the name took a meaning upon itself really quickly. To us, ‘Curses’ means the struggles that everybody in the band – and everybody in general – goes through in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter what they are. For some people, a curse could be someone else’s blessing; it’s just about how you overcome it.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

David: I would love to collab with they guys from Pierce The Veil. I think they are one of the most genuine bands out there; they’re all Mexicans, and they are awesome at what they do.

Mani: I think it would be awesome to do a collaboration with someone in the hip hop scene: The Weekend, ASAP Rocky, Drake, etc.

Miguel: Maybe the guys from Veil of Maya.

I’ve heard you described as ‘post-hardcore.’ How well do you think this describes you?

Curses: Not at all, LOL. When the band started, we knew we wanted to play post-hardcore but as we began writing Not for the Faint of Heart, it became clear that we weren’t going to be a typical band that stays within a genre. You can tell by listening to the songs we have out and comparing them, but we know people will appreciate the variety in our music.

What would you say is your most personal track?

Miguel: That would be Hungry Hearts. We all wrote this song after my uncle, who I was really close to, died from drug addiction. We wrote it on our way to the studio in less than three hours. I think the reason the song came together so easily is because this song was a way to cope with my emotions.

What is your favourite lyric from any song you’ve written?

David: Personally, my favourite line is “Should I bite my tongue just to give you another reason to hate me?” This line describes any trouble in a relationship between people that love each other – not necessarily a couple – at one point or another.

Have you ever got any hate? How did you deal with it?

Mani: Yeah, we have gotten some hate. When it’s on YouTube we just ignore it, because any song has some hate comments. It seems like there are people that just go around hating to piss others off.

On Twitter we usually respond with something along the lines of “Sorry you did not like it, but thanks for watching and giving us a chance”. The funny thing is that when you answer like that, there are people who change their mind, or at least their tone. They become way more polite.

What’s your favourite memory from any live show you’ve played?

Miguel: This is not really from a show, but one time at our practice spot (a storage unit), a promoter happened to be around and asked us to play a song for him. We did not have a PA system for the vocals so I sang out of a small amp. After he heard us, he told us to go with him to his storage unit (around 10 times bigger than ours), and ended up giving us a PA system for free so we could practice properly. That was an awesome experience; it feels nice to see people believing in you.

Where in the world would you like to tour, if you could go anywhere? Why?

David: I was born in Mexico, so I would like to tour there and in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Mani: I would like to tour Europe, so I’d get to visit the famous museums, ruins, and buildings.

Hear more from Curses: Listen to selected tracks on the band’s official YouTube channel. Keep up with them via Twitter, @CURSESofficial.

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