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Morning Gloryville, Rave Your Way into the Day – A Review

When I heard the words ‘rave your way into the day’ I was intrigued. I had heard about morning raves before and the great experiences people had with them. Even my cab driver had heard about it, talking about the ‘those hippy people who are probably even happy about the rain’. But none of those stories had prepared me for what I laid my eyes on when I walked into Liverpool’s Constellations on Saturday morning.

Balloons, flowers, bunting and glitter, the colours and decorations were everywhere; even though I was amongst the first people to be let in, the space already had an energy to it that woke you up. We were greeted by drumming, juggling, dancing and hugging as we were asked if we would like some fairy dust to be sprinkled on top of our heads. Of course I said yes. As everyone around me took of their coats that were dripping with rain it became very clear that I had missed the memo on the dress code. There were more colours on one body than I possess in my whole wardrobe, as everyone around us shined and glittered.


But not only the dress code, which really only seemed to consist of colours and no cares, surprised us. Suddenly there were children running around, in superhero costumes, princess dresses or just in a colourful ensemble with a flower crown. Many of them were wearing protective headphones, which made absolute sense when we moved on to the next room. The music which before had seemed more like a background tune was now pumping through the speakers, getting the first people dancing. Most people of the growing crowd busied themselves with something else, perhaps not yet in the mood to dance, perhaps just still sleeping. One corner saw people trying on flower crowns while the next looked like a yoga studio during class and another like a miniature lush store. Two corners were occupied by massage chairs and tables, inviting people to sign up for their free 15 minute massage. Which I of course said yes to as well.

One green smoothie from the smoothie bar and a 15 minute massage later the dancefloor was full of people throwing shapes to the electronic music. While some of the children had left to play in the games corner or to get their faces painted, plenty had remained on the dance floor dominating the adults with their superior moves. Feeling encouraged by all of the little motivational posters on all the walls I decided to join them on the dancefloor where the only thing I could think of was ‘ No F***s were given’. After having danced, eaten the wonderful cake and having read the little love notes that were left everywhere all I can say about this event is positive. Not only is that the attitude of all of my comments, it is also the word most suited to describe everything in those rooms. The positive people, positive surroundings, positive vibe and atmosphere and the positively lovely experience.

Morning Gloryville is a worldwide movement which you can find here and here.
Pictures by Lorna Gibson

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