Miles Kane @ Fred Perry


Queues of excited fans piling along the side street where the small Fred Perry store lies, to see if they could squeeze in to catch a glimpse of Miles Kane. From Merseyside himself, the Liverpool acoustic gig (out of the other three in Manchester, Glasgow and London) gave a more personal intensity to his presence. His main performance was later at the University of Liverpool’s Mountford Hall which I am sure many of the guests at Fred Perry will have been attending later after his acoustic performance. The atmosphere before he had even arrived at his stool at the centre of the shop was buzzing with excitement. It was packed with a few lucky individuals having found prime spots around the edges risen ledges seeing over the crowd.

Everyone’s eyes were directed toward the side door which he was due to appear from at 6pm. With the clock striking ten past, the door swung open as a fashionably late Miles Kane swaggered out to cheers and whistles, equipped with his acoustic guitar, it was all about to begin. With no wasted time he jumped into the well-known riff of ‘Killing The Joke’ from his recently released album as a solo artist Coup De Grace; triggering cheers to fill Fred Perry and from the crowds leaning in from outside. The live acoustic performance sounded just like the record with his voice faultlessly filling out across the crowd with their soft murmurs of the lyrics joining him.

‘Rearrange’ followed immediately after, one of his much older tracks from 2011 album Colour of the Trap. With it being an acoustic take on the song, it was much softer and focused on his vocals, which when listening back to his 2011 release of the song, holds deeper and slightly calmer tones. The usual electric guitar bridge was replaced with acoustic strumming and crowd encouragements. In his rendition of the chorus with the crowd warming up to this unique environment the group singing was getting louder and more involved, bringing a smile across Miles’ face.

Now for any The Last Shadow Puppets fans reading, you may want to look away now. A throwback to what is now ten years ago, Miles Kane broke out into ‘Standing Next To Me’ with thoughts going to his old friend Alex Turner. Myself thinking of Miles Kane’s 2013 Glastonbury performance where Alex was brought out to perform this very track alongside him, my naivety began looking across to the door hoping for another Shadow Puppets reunion! However, everyone could not have been more thrilled to hear his passionate playing of a song performed by all standing around me – especially as it felt more intimate with just the guitar accompanying us all.

With it being just a short gig with meet and greets, ‘Come Closer’ was his fourth and final song concluding his acoustic set – another track from Coup De Grace (his most popular track according to Spotify). It was clearly visible to see Kane putting all efforts into his finale song which everyone was ecstatic to hear. All dynamics heard through his song were perfected by both audience and Miles.

From having seen these songs all performed within this close and intimate environment was such a rare experience. Being among such a small portion of his fans gave an incredible atmosphere and experience that will not be forgotten. Yet I still envy all of those who got to see him sing out to an even larger and buzzed crown in Mountford Hall, hearing a small insight to what was to come for those later that evening.

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