‘Mental Health and Me’ Competition 2015

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‘Mental Health and Me’ 2015

Local charity Writing on the Wall have collaborated for the second year with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium to hold a brilliant writing competition in which participants were asked to write an original response to the expression ‘Mental Health and Me’. There were six categories participants could enter, and on Thursday 8 October the winners for each category, as well as the overall winner, were announced.

The competition was open to anyone with an interest in Mental Health and Wellbeing, and the pieces that were read out to the crowd included personal, powerful and emotive expressions of each person’s journey. The event was held at the Central Library in Liverpool and the atmosphere of the audience was extremely positive and electric. As each winner came to the stage to read out their entry the audience laughed, cried and clapped with genuine compassion and admiration.

It was a night that truly embodied an ethos held by Writing on the Wall: “Words have the power to improve people’s lives and change for the better the communities in which we live and work.”  But the night did not stop there. There was also a number of special guests, including local Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Luciana Berger, who expressed her appreciation for all the years of hard work that charities and organisations like Writing on the Wall have put into removing the stigma which surrounds mental distress.

Professor Green has been very open about his ongoing struggle with mental health issues

Professor Green is very open with the media about his ongoing struggle with mental health issues.

Another very exciting guest was Professor Green (aka Stephen Manderson) who views writing as a great way of getting “what’s inside out and understanding it.” Professor Green had the honour of announcing the overall winner, Pat Fearon, with her spoken word piece, The Edge, which stunned the judges and audience alike.

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