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Meet the SO candidates: Yasmin Gasimova


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Name: Yasmin Gasimova

1. In 15 words, sum up your campaign promises

Addressing mental health, minimising unnecessary financial pressures, supporting disadvantaged students, and making the university sustainable

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

It changes all the time, but at the moment it’s “Inside Out” – I’ve never cried so much from a film; it hit a really personal spot with me

3. What was your favourite childhood toy, and what was its name?

A tiger that is shaped like a teddy bear. I was original enough to call him Tigey (short for Tigey Wigey), and he’s still my favourite spooning partner

4. What’s your favourite place in Liverpool?

The Liverpool Library. It’s absolutely beautiful and a great spot for some peace and quiet.Who’s a politician you look up to?

5. Who’s a politician you look up to?

The Queen Supreme Caroline Lucas – Green MP for Brighton Pavilion. Mhairi Black is a very close second

6. If you could make a positive change in Liverpool’s wider community, what would it be?

Getting people on the electoral register and voting. Particularly because of its huge student population, there is a concerning deficit of registered voters in Liverpool. It’s imperative that people are represented in government and the best way to start is to get people voting!

7. What’s your campaign colour?

Pantone 638 C, otherwise known by its hexadecimal code #00AFD7

8. What’s your go-to Costa or Starbucks order? 

Just a simple green tea

9. What’s your best and worst moment as a student?

Best moment is every time I perform with my drumming group 24 Festival Drums – always feel so thrilled and proud after furiously banging it out on stage

Worst moment is when I had maxed out my £1200 overdraft and still had about a month to go until my loan had to come through. Hello savings, bye bye holiday plans

10. What are your extra-curricular activities or hobbies?

Shilling for the liberal conspiracy on social media, mostly. I also love experimenting with cooking – I refuse to follow recipes and love just playing around with ingredients till something works out

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