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Meet the SO candidates: Mike Edwards


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Name: Mike Edwards

1. In 15 words, sum up your campaign promises

Create an environment where students have the tools to achieve academically and flourish socially.

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

American History X as its the most emotional and thought provoking film i’ve ever watched. It carries a really strong message about racism, and shows how easily society can corrupt those who were not given the right life chances. Ed Norton’s acting is also superb.

3. What was your favourite childhood toy, and what was its name?

Anything to do with Thomas the Tank, I collected all the trains, had all the VHS (if anyone remembers them), I even had a Thomas the Tank waistcoat as a toddler.

4. What’s your favourite place in Liverpool?

G-Bar, best place to go on a night out hands down.

5. Who’s a politician you look up to?

Adolfo Suarez, In short he led Spain’s democratic revolution, one of the few peaceful revolutions ever, he got the old unelected government to essentially vote themselves out of power and kept control of a military which was against him.

6. If you could make a positive change in Liverpool’s wider community, what would it be?

If I could do anything i would try and tackle homelessness, it only takes 10 days for people who are homeless to believe they can’t escape and start to lose their faith in people. It’s such a serious issue yet the right investment isn’t made to really tackle the problem, no one has to homeless, yet the numbers of homeless people are increasing.

7. What’s your campaign colour?


8. What’s your go-to Costa or Starbucks order? 

Just a standard Latte

9. What’s your best and worst moment as a student?

Best moment meeting Nick Hobbs and Margaret Henderson, little did i know then, they would become the friends they are now.

Worst moment – Carnatic

10. What are your extra-curricular activities or hobbies?

I love football and go to Old Trafford whenever I can, also play poker, although rather unsuccessfully. Most of my spare time is spent campaigning with the Labour Party.

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