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Meet the SO candidates: Harry Moore


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Name: Harry Moore

1. In 15 words, sum up your campaign promises

More engaging Guild. Awareness/support around mental health. Water-fountains/bike storage/healthy vending options

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

“Good Will Hunting”, because I adore Robin Williams’ character (Sean Maguire), and find it incredibly moving. It’s just great, and I’m going to have to go and watch it now…

3. What was your favourite childhood toy, and what was its name?

That’s got to be my pink cuddly elephant that I got two weeks before I was born! His name is Nelly! Unfortunately he is now more of a dirty grey… but I still love him very much

4. What’s your favourite place in Liverpool?

Ahhh, there are so many! I think I’ve got to say near the dock by the Liver Building, though

5. Who’s a politician you look up to?

I really admire how Caroline Lucas is willing to get her hands dirty for what she believes in, and genuinely wants the best for people, whether you agree with her politically or not

6. If you could make a positive change in Liverpool’s wider community, what would it be?

If I could wave a magic wand and have everyone make the most of the many different cultures present in Liverpool then that would be great! I think Liverpool could be even more vibrant if cultures were ‘shared’ more

7. What’s your campaign colour?

Green (and yellow)

8. What’s your go-to Costa or Starbucks order?

Mocha with peppermint from Café Nero. Amazing. The peppermint is totally worth the extra 40p

9. What’s your best and worst moment as a student?

One of the tippy-top moments has to be winning the BandSoc “Battle of The Acoustics” in my first year (2014) with my two AMAZING friends Em Eccles and Emily Clark (aka ‘The Stowaways’). The worst has probably got to be that inevitable time when you first learn what “all-nighter” really means… the coffee-stained stomach… the delirious laughter come morning… I’m going to stop there. It’s a dark place; I don’t want to re-visit it any more

10. What are your extra-curricular activities or hobbies?

Excluding Musical things that I consider a part of my course (as a music student), I Co-direct a choir for LUMS (the Liverpool University Singers), go to a fair few gigs, and am also a fan of the ol’ running since it keeps me sane through this hectic student lifestyle

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