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Meet the SO candidates: Fenghui Li


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Name: Fenghui Li

1. In 15 words, sum up your campaign promises

Voice students’ opinion, care about their health and wellbeing

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

My favourite film is “Sempre ao Seu Lado” because I appreciate the relationship between the dog named Hachiko and the professor. Although the professor has gone, the dog still waits for him until he dies. I am touched by his loyalty and I think this characteristic is rare among people sometimes

3. What was your favourite childhood toy, and what was its name?

My favourite childhood toy is a Snoopy toy named Big Ear

4. What’s your favourite place in Liverpool?

Liverpool One

5. Who’s a politician you look up to?

Margaret Hilda Thatcher

6. If you could make a positive change in Liverpool’s wider community, what would it be?

Students would be offered an opportunity for communication with other students on academic exchange who come from other British universities, not just placements

7. What’s your campaign colour?


8. What’s your go-to Costa or Starbucks order? 


9. What’s your best and worst moment as a student?

My best moment was in elementary school because I don’t finish a lot of homework and we were pure in that stage. My worst moment occurred in junior high school. I met a terrible teacher who always hurt my confidence

10. What are your extra-curricular activities or hobbies?

My hobby is painting which makes me relaxed and creative.



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