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Meet the SO candidates: Danielle Hawkins


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Name: Danielle Hawkins

1. In 15 words, sum up your campaign promises


Greater support for stress/mental-health – introduce puppy rooms.

Graduation system.

Personal level of learning.

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

Marley and Me, it melts your heart. It is just so “aaww”. I mean, Marley is the answer to the ‘why’, watch it and tell me you don’t fall in love with dogs.

3. What was your favourite childhood toy, and what was its name?

I had all the plastics dolls like Barbie, bratz and myscene, I remember loving life playing with them.

4. What’s your favourite place in Liverpool?

Has got to be the Albert Docks.

5. Who’s a politician you look up to?

Not really the type of person that looks up to politicians.

6. If you could make a positive change in Liverpool’s wider community, what would it be?

To have the city’s businesses, charities and organisations involved with our university as much as possible, creating a stronger link between our university and the wider community.

7. What’s your campaign colour?

Orange and Blue.

8. What’s your go-to Costa or Starbucks order?

Has to be an ice cooler drink, but if it had to be hot, I’d say hot chocolate!

9. What’s your best and worst moment as a student?

Best – has got to be the people I have met and grown with along through being a student.

Worst – will probably be the struggle and stress we have on us doing our degree.

10. What are your extra-curricular activities or hobbies?

I am a part of a few societies at University, currently Vice-President of the Legal Society which we have over 250 members and constantly have numerous social and academic events. My hobbies include spending time with friends and having fun really. I also enjoy going to concerts, they’re always fun and nice way to de-stress.

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