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Mark Watson: The Infinite Show – Preview

Next week the hilarious comedian Mark Watson returns to Liverpool on the next stop of his latest UK tour. The Infinite Show is inspired by the current shocking events that are taking place in the world and, as usual from Mark, fans can expect a high number of outrageous rants. The Times have described Mark as “unstoppably funny” whereas Time Out claim he is “belly laugh brilliant… the audience was weeping with laughter.”

Mark is perhaps best known for his appearances on various panel shows, including Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You and Have I Got News For You, as well as writing novels including A Light-Hearted Look at Murder which tells the story of a young Hitler impersonator, and Dan and Sam, a graphic novel which has been optioned as a feature film by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and is now in development. As well as his TV and book work, Mark has established himself as a seasoned radio comedian, having various shows on BBC Radio 4 for over a decade. For the past two years he has also hosted the final of the BBC New Comedy Award – one of the only comedy shows on the network to go out live.

The Infinite Show is set to explore a wide range of topics, including his divorce and the relationship he now has with his young son:

“At first it was very difficult to do, as it felt very raw and it felt very uncharitable to my ex: I don’t want to be one of those comedians who rages against their former partner. The tone is meant to be more rueful than attacking. There are lots of dilemmas; the biggest difficulty of talking about my son on stage is that he’s now of an age where he could put my name into YouTube and have access to this stuff. But parenting consumes so much of your life, even if you’re not the primary carer, and it’s inevitable that you’ll discuss it a bit on stage.”

Liverpool is Mark’s 13th stop of the tour, and has a busy schedule afterwards, taking the tour across the UK (including a potential return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer where he started this tour last year) before finishing in Shrewsbury in November.

“Touring represents the kind of life that you hope you’d have when you first start off. Being seen by pretty much your own audience and being able to sustain yourself out of performing your own show rather than gigging on mixed bills is what most comedians want. I’m fortunate to have started stand-up in a climate where that was just about to become more and more possible. I don’t mind the travelling and being in hotels; I’ve had that lifestyle for so long that I almost don’t know myself if I’m not in perpetual motion.”

Mark Watson: The Infinite Show is on at the Epstein Theatre on the 3rd March. For tickets visit

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