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LUST’s ‘Our House’ Theatre Review


‘Our House’ is a production that follows the story of a young lad from London, Joe Casey (Eddie Gosney), who on the night of his sixteenth birthday takes Sarah, the girl of his dreams, out for a romantic date. In the heat of the moment, Casey breaks into a building development project to show Sarah the view and tell her the story of his family’s street, Casey Street. After the police come to the property, the story follows the two potential paths of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ that Casey could take – running away and becoming a criminal, too ashamed to go back and see his mum, or seeing the consequences of handing himself in.

Gosney’s performance as Joe Casey showed true skill- whether it be in the seamless costume changes, or even in his ability to stay in character while playing out two very different lifestyles. His performance was perfectly matched by Anna Pearson’s, as Sarah. Their vocals together were faultless and this was matched by the rest of the cast throughout the entire production. Their ability to sing so effortlessly and dance with so much energy is a talent to be desired by many! With that said, the musical numbers were made even more incredibly by the amazing band led by Musical Director, Charlie Humphries, and Assistant Musical Director, Conor Osborne. From the very start the band managed to take centre-stage in the instrumental backing while also blending in perfectly with the vocals, action and choreography on-stage.

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The comedy created by Louisa Kelly, James Ahsam, Mia Gregory and Katya Chambers’ characters was the perfect tonic to the otherwise often serious scenes and the teamwork between them all added a funny and light-hearted tone to the show. These comedic performances also worked in perfect opposition to the steely characters of Reecey (Cameron Steen) and Casey’s Dad (Alex Webber-Date).

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One of the most incredible elements of this production was undoubtedly the choreography, the brain-child of Hannah McWilliam. To think this is only her first time as choreographer leaves you speechless and there is no doubt that she needs to do more of it in the future. McWilliam definitely deserves a medal for her creations in this performance in the meantime! The dances were an amazing blend of lifts, tricks, gymnastics and stamina. After conversations at the end of the production I know I wasn’t the only one wanting to get up on stage and dance with the cast in the final routine!

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Director, Rachel MacBryde, deserves a massive round of applause for putting together this amazing, feel-good performance, which completely deserved the standing ovation at the end. Another mention must of course go to the brilliant back stage team and Producer, Tor Smith, for keeping the show running and holding the fort to allow the actors and band to create a fun-filled production for the audience to enjoy. The hard work of the team clearly paid off and, if this opening night is anything to go by, you’ll want to get your tickets fast. Don’t miss your opportunity to see this stunning performance by the Guild’s own LUST. Make sure you pick up a ticket to see them in their final two performances on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April:

If you’re unlucky enough to miss out on seeing this incredible performance, then don’t fear because you’ll be able to see all the LUSTies performing between 4 and 5 at the Performing Arts Festival held all around the Guild on Sunday 28th April. They’ll be performing alongside members of our amazing LUMS committee, Dance Society, 24 Festival Drums and many, many more. To find out more and book tickets, follow this link to the Guild’s website:

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