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LUST presents: Guys and Dolls

Liverpool University Student Theatre revealed their latest and greatest performance this week; their rendition of the classic musical Guys and Dolls opened on Thursday night, filling the Guild corridors with a spectacular set of vocals that might make the top-tier students of LIPA jealous!

The show began with a stunning composition of melodies from the band – big congratulations to Laura Copestake, Grace Cattell, Xana Davies, Charlie Humphries, Caitlin Marley, Abigail Morris, Tommy Lathrope and Chloë Farrington for their huge achievement in giving the show the heavenly soundtrack it deserved. Emily Futcher and Mark Newberry – you’ve done yourselves proud! The backstage crew also did a brilliant job at maintaining the stage set, and also a huge well done to the Guild Tech team for their effortless abilities.

Image courtesy of LUST

Image courtesy of LUST

It must be said that the real stars of the show were – of course – the cast! Charlotte Lee made the perfect Sarah Brown, hitting all the right notes with her angelic voice, reflecting her character like a charm. David A. J. Nagaj – or Sky Masterson, to you and I – demonstrated his outstanding theatrical technique as the male lead. The pair led the night as a match made in heaven… or hell; If I were a gambling man, I’d say the former rather than the latter!

In fact, all the pairs of characters were incredibly well cast to suit each other: Fergus O’Sullivan, as Nathan Detroit, alongside his stage partner Annie Wade Smith (as a very convincing Miss Adelaide) really brought the stage to life. Jack Gloyens – a newbie to the LUST crew – fit right in with his comedy partner Lizzy Hardingham: the pair were tremendously entertaining as Benny and Nicely Nicely. Roz Gibson and Will Truby – as Agatha and Arvide Abernathy – oozed confidence on-stage.

A couple of hitches on the first night – particularly some backstage trips and unexpected ‘Go Go Go Go Go’s over the microphone – did very little in affecting the overall performance. The entirely-talented cast put their best foot forward on opening night. A huge highlight for me was to see the performance of Luck Be a Lady – I honestly couldn’t distinguish between that and a Broadway equivalent. Honestly. The choreography was on point (well done, Tara Roberts!) and the timing truly impeccable.

Jay Mooney, Andy Treacy, Eddy Gosney, Emma Ladanowski, Anna Smith, Hannah Kimmins, Joey Mulligan, Charlie Pottle, Mary Hannah, Ellie Keightley, Frankie Fleming, Rachel MacBryde, Andrew Johnston, Ami Phillips, Natasha McKinnon – wow, this is a big cast! You guys were all super fab on stage too and really did yourselves proud. Congrats to director KT O’Brien and producers Sam Baxter and Alice McCormack.

Image courtesy of LUST

An additional thanks goes to Tor Smith, Josh Cox, Aimee Coogan, Steph Cragg and George Utley, Georgia Abel, Finn Mason and to our very own Alaa Jasim, who without their involvement the show would not be what it was. Simply spectacular!



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