Jessica Fleming

Lost (and Found) : A Preview


The words ‘six-piece indie girl band’ are not ones you hear thrown around often, that is until now with rising stars The Seamonsters. All based in Sheffield, the group of 18 year olds have recently been placed on Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Longlist – praised for their ‘loose’ feel and indie rock style. Set to release their debut single on the 14th April, ‘Lost (and Found)’ is the song on your summer soundtrack you never realised you needed, but now cannot live without.

With lead vocals from the talented Naomi Mann, whose dreamy voice clearly stands out above the array of instruments, the whole track is a journey of sound that expands and builds throughout. Each instrument is seen to serve its own purpose, from the slick drum beat to the steady guitar. Repeated powerful and memorable guitar riffs throughout mix perfectly with the distinct keyboard melody, giving you a track which will be stuck in your head for hours on end. The band themselves can be seen to draw influences from Wolf Alice, fellow girl bands Hinds and The Big Moon, along with The Wombats for their techno style.


‘Lost (and Found)’ is set to be released 14th April.

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