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Lord Huron, originally starting out as a solo project of lead singer Ben Schneider and later evolving into a six piece live band, have brought their western influenced Americana indie folk rock to Liverpool‘s Invisible Wind Factory. Best known for the RIAA platinum certified ‘The Night We Met’, which served as an unofficial theme song for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, the band has visited the city during their tour in support of their third studio release, Vide Noir.

The show’s opening act, Malena Zavala, brought the audience into a very relaxed mood with her velvety smooth vocals, woozy distorted guitars and laid-back attitude. Zavala‘s delicate guitar solos combined with the unity of the entire band (consisting of Zavala, a drummer and a guitarist) filled up the chilly room of the Invisible Wind Factory with delicate light and warmth.

Lord Huron set the atmosphere early on with their energetic, wild-west-inspired entrance, complemented by Schneider‘s choice of outfit – a bolo tie and a cowboy hat. The overall carefree larger-than-life ambience was reinforced throughout the show with hazy bridges and interludes, as well as use of country/folk rock harmonies and ingeniously planned lighting. Vibrant colours of the smoky backlit stage in combination with a centre stage cool white spotlight offered a perfectly correspondent visual to the eerie yet lightweight sound of the sextet.

The band visibly appreciated the warm welcome from the audience during their first Liverpool show, and they shared several stories from their recent travels. Nevertheless, they wasted little time on small talk, and instead focused on filling their set with as many songs as possible, resulting in an impressive setlist of over 20 tracks. These included the majority of their latest studio release Vide Noir, such as the relaxed yet insistent ‘When The Night Is Over’, ‘Ancient Names (Part 1 and 2)’ with a renegade theme song vibe or the borderline ominous ‘Secret of Life’Lord Huron proved themselves as multifaceted musicians, incorporating instruments such as mouth harmonica or theremin. Especially use of the latter during ‘Way Out There’ elicited a very strong response from the crowd, as no one expected the band to employ such an unusual instrument.

A short pause followed, at the end of which the band re-emerged on stage for an encore, which included their commercially most successful track, ‘The Night We Met’. Clearly a crowd favourite, the song’s leading melody echoed throughout the whole of the Invisible Wind Factory, mingling the voices of the audience with the calming yet eerie harmonies sung by the band. Lord Huron finished their set as energetically as they started it, with the entire crowd dancing to the lively ‘Time To Run’.

Lord Huron‘s show proved to be the embodiment of getting lost in the music while staying fully present; the band kept the audience engaged during an almost two hour set with a wide range of both upbeat tracks and slow ballads and it’s safe to say that this concert was a truly revitalising experience.

Lord Huron’s latest studio album, Vide Noir, is available for streaming on Spotify and all other major streaming sites.

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