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Lizzy Farrall – ‘Make Up Sex’: A Review

Singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall has returned recently with her latest single ‘Make Up Sex’, her first release since the launch of her debut EP All I Said Was Never Heard with Pure Noise Records back in January of this year. The EP was certainly a success and features tracks such as ‘Broken Toy’, which was the first song that introduced me to Farrall’s music in 2017, and has since received over 200,000 plays on Spotify and is also a personal favourite of mine.

Her new single ‘Make Up Sex’ shows Farrall’s development as an artist, where the lyrics from her previous songs are quite subtle about her heartbreak, this new release is quite explicitly Farrall’s raw account of the pitfalls of being in a manipulative and abusive relationship. Farrall, herself, admits that ‘Make Up Sex’ is “probably the darkest song” she’s written to date, but through doing so has expressed such a serious topic that is so very often overlooked within both music and everyday life in such an emotive and personal way. The chorus particularly stands out through the lyrics “but I swore I’d only be the one to hurt myself,” Farrall’s talented lyricism perfectly captures the feelings of a lack of self-worth and vulnerability within such relationships.

At this time, it is uncertain as to whether this song will remain as a stand-alone single or will feature on any of Farrall’s future projects.

Check out ‘Make Up Sex’ on Spotify and iTunes, and view the single’s music video, here:

Photo Credit: Gavin Smith

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