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LAWSON : An Interview with Andy Brown


Four years after the release of debut record ‘Chapman Square’, pop rock band Lawson have been busy recording their second album and are back with new single ‘Money’. Ellipsis caught up with frontman Andy Brown between the band’s visits to radio stations across the UK.

So you’ve been doing a radio tour, how’s that going?

Yeah it’s been great thanks! We’ve just come out with the brand new single, ‘Money’, which is awesome. It seems to be going down great; everyone seems to be loving the song so far so fingers crossed it’ll keep building.

And I believe you had a bit of a jam session with Lemar?

Yeah, that was a lot of fun! We were doing a radio station and he happened to be there at the same time so the radio presenter just said ‘Do you fancy doing a song together?’ It was totally unrehearsed but we just jammed out an old Al Green song and it sounded awesome.


I’ve had a listen and it sounds really good! Running alongside the tour you’ve been giving out ‘Lawson Money’. Where did that idea come from?

Thanks very much! Basically it was just our idea to go inside the title of the new single and we thought ‘what would be a cool idea?’ and decided to create our own money. At first we were thinking as merchandise, but then we decided it’d be cool if fans could use the money in exchange for cool Lawson prizes like merchandise and gig tickets. Everyone seems to be wanting to get their hands on it.

So that new single ‘Money’ is on its way, and I believe your new album is out soon?

Yeah, we’re going to get this lead single out, then another single after ‘Money’ and then the new album will probably be coming out around June time.

That’s exciting! I’m excited anyway.

It’s really exciting! We’ve been working on it for the last year or so, recorded out in Nashville, and it sounds amazing so we just can’t wait to release it.

It’s been a few years since you released ‘Chapman Square,’ have you made any conscious stylistic changes or gained many new influences since then?

To be honest, I think that when we came out with ‘Roads’ there was a little bit of a departure from ‘Chapman Square’. It was a little bit darker and edgier, but I think with the rest of the music on there we’ve actually gone back towards more of the ‘Chapman Square’ sort of sound. I definitely believe that ‘Money’ sounds like a song that could’ve been on that first album, so I do think it’s going to be more of the same pop-anthemic, sing along choruses and feel good tunes.

Great, more of the good stuff! You did quite a few tours off of the back of that first album, so where was your favourite gig?

Oooh, where was our favourite gig?  Our favourite was probably the Echo Arena in Liverpool. We invited Dr Lawson onstage, the doctor that we named the band after. I’d say that was probably my favourite gig we did.

As a Scouser, is there a Liverpool venue you haven’t played and would like to?

To be honest, we’ve pretty much played every single venue in Liverpool. We started off playing at places like the Barfly and we’ve played the Shipping Forecast and loads and loads of venues there, the O2 Academy as well. We haven’t actually played the Empire Theatre so that’d be a cool venue to play!

Oh, definitely! My last question for you is if you were a type of pudding, what would you be and why?

Good question! I’d probably be… Well, my favourite dessert when I was growing up was jam roly poly so that’s probably what I’d choose. That was the dessert that I had in school everyday when I was growing up and no one has been able to do it as good as the school I went to. So I’d be that, because that’s my favourite!

Fabulous choice! Thank you very much for talking to me and I hope the single release goes well and look forward to the album.


Lawson’s new single ‘Money’ will be released on 18th March.  Listen now on Spotify.

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