Larkins @ District – A Review


The up and coming indie band, Larkins, are touring the length of the country as a part of their Take Off Tour during November and December, and Liverpool was an incredible night.

Headlining in Liverpool for the first time on Saturday 24th November, Larkins showed their excitement and enthusiasm during their whole performance at District in the Baltic Triangle; the venue adding to their indie and cool vibe, as Larkins showed their stage presence off with Hit and Run’, engaging with the crowd afterwards to make it feel more intimate. The band appreciated the friendly crowd that Liverpool gave them, and it was evident that they were excited to come back.  Getting to see small bands play gigs in new cities makes it feel more personal and less commercial as you can really see how much they love playing their music.

The cool toned lighting and smoke enhanced the indie atmosphere bringing in similarities to The 1975 set, which I very much love. Aesthetically pleasing lighting paired with easy-to-listen to indie songs is exactly what I love in a gig and Larkins did not disappoint!

Their laid-back manner and chilled atmosphere allowed for the crowd to feel like they were watching their friends perform, bringing everyone closer together. Dancing and having fun, the crowd would not have left the venue dissatisfied.

As Larkins don’t have a whole album out but several EPs and singles on their Spotify profile, all their songs were performed so everyone had their favourite song of theirs played. It is interesting to see where the band is heading, the music that they are making and producing at the moment and where they are going to end up. This is the beauty of following a small band, to see their journey of making something from their talent, ambition and determination.

Finishing their set, Larkins played their most recent single Something Beautiful’, getting the crowd atmosphere to the highest. Everyone was singing along and was taking in the last song to the fullest as they knew the adrenaline and happiness of the gig will soon be over. Larkins even came out to talk and drink with their fans once they finished showing just how humble the members are.

The band truly did put on an amazing show and I would recommend anyone who loves indie music and bands to check them out.

If you wanted to see the small up and coming indie band perform the link is here and their most recent single Something Beautiful on their Spotify.

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