King Nun @ Sound Basement – 14th November 2018

king nun

King Nun – a four piece from South-West London on their first major tour of the UK, straight off the back of their outstanding sets at Reading and Leeds Festival earlier this year, for which they received positive press all around the board with a feature on the Reading and Leeds website (albeit it has been taken down as they move into a new year of announcing acts).

Starting their energy filled set with their first ever single ‘Tulip’, followed by the second track of their first EP Chinese Medicine, setting the bar high of what is to come. Lead singer Theo prances around the stage hoping to drain some life out of a somewhat lifeless crowd. After the first few of songs pass, he commands everyone to “shed the awkwardness” by making a “random loud noise”, so everyone can get in the mood. In his defence, it did seem to work as they plunged into new track ‘Personality’ which everyone seemed to enjoy.

As the set drew to a close, after just 35 minutes, they did announce that they are getting used to the concept of headlining so are struggling to draw out their set, despite performing 10 songs. They thanked everyone for coming and hung around the merch stand (well, corner) for people to come and get photos, a nice personal touch to the show.

Afterwards I bumped into Theo outside the venue where we bonded over mutual friends from back down in the lovely South, I complimented him on the show and asked how it was for him and the band. He said the show had the best energy yet [in comparison to other shows on the tour] and was happily surprised when I told him the show had sold out. He also said they’re hoping to release some more new music early next year so keep ya ears peeled! I know I will!

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