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JAWS @ The Magnet

Last Friday, Birmingham trio JAWS continued their UK tour with a trip to Liverpool’s very own The Magnet. As one of those bands that I have always enjoyed listening to, but never actually seen, I was intrigues to see what their set would entail.

As soon as the neon light lit up the reveal the word JAWS the whole room erupted and surged forward, screaming the opening bars to the dreamy tune Surround You. Without even realising I had managed to position myself right in front of the stage and out of the firing line of the enthusiastic and ever-growing mosh pit, something which would be slightly regrettable due to constantly being knocked into the stage- I swear everyone came out with knee bruises because of this! A perk of this position though, was being able to see the setlist on stage, and the girl next to me used to her advantage to scream what song was next, all before frontman Connor Schofield clocked on and scolded her jokingly for leaking the set.

Going from strength to strength, each track JAWS performed brought more and more cheers from the venue. Think Too Much, Feel Too Little, a favourite of mine, had the entire place screaming the lyrics back with as much vigour and energy they could physically muster. Stay In, the B side to Surround You and a song on their 2013 Milkshake EP, was another well received track, and paid homage to the band’s earlier more dream pop style. By following this with What We Haven’t Got, from their second record Simplicity which was released last year, signified how much 3 years can make in terms of a band’s style and skills. With sweeping guitar solos and a heavier drum beat than their earlier work, the whole place was jumping as if their lives depended on it. People were already clambering onto each others shoulders and there were even some crowd surfers. It was some time amongst this all that both the disco balls that decorate the venues ceiling were ripped from the rafters and began making their way through the crowd- health and safety had well and truly been set alight and thrown out the window.

Slower track, 17, gave the room a momentarily breather from the mass turmoil that had unravelled, yet the masses of people who had packed into the tiny room still continued to sing and dance with almost as much desperation and raw energy as that which the song’s lyrics evoke. Connor Schofield’s vocals continued to shine out through the almost pleading Just A Boy, a song that’s growing and heaving guitars made me fall in love with the second record by this band so much.

After Be Slowly, it was time for the band to leave the stage, however; due to the lack of room available and only a cupboard to disappear into, Connor Schofield declared that they would just carry on through, but that they were now in the ‘encore’ section of their set. Hinting that it was time for another old song, the opening chords of Toucan Surf began to echo around the room. Another favourite of mine (and also that of the complete capacity of The Magnet from the sounds of it), JAWS continued to bring the room closer together through their music and lyrics. The last song of the night was 2013 single Gold, yet the band soon had to restart this after an impromptu stage invasion. Connor issued the warning that getting on stage meant getting straight off it again, leading to wave upon wave of crowd surfers in amongst the mass mosh pit of the room and also a incredibly unforgettable end to their set. It may have been a messy and crazy Friday night, but watching the way everyone bond over one band definitely made it all worthwhile.

The official music video for Cast can be seen here

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