Lowri Thomas

It’s All in the Mind

We all have the ability within us to turn negative emotions and happenings into something worthwhile. Whether it be not doing as well as expected in an assignment, losing your keys or arguing with loved ones. There is always something that we can learn from how we feel.

For me and for 10% of other young people in the UK that negative happening is a mental health issue. From going through this I have learnt that being embarrassed about talking to someone about how we feel is really counterintuitive. Bottling it up is simply an avoidance tactic which can often make the problem worse.

My point is that everybody experiences unfortunate events in their lives but it isn’t necessarily what we go through that affects our wellbeing. It is in fact our reaction to it.

For years anxiety and stress took over my life and stopped me from doing much. I felt that I wasn’t capable and that people would laugh at me if I did something wrong. But to use the words of Sophia Amoruso (Girl Boss Author) “when gaining knowledge and experience is your intention then failure is no longer a possible outcome”.

This I think is something that we can all take on board. If we change our perspective of something than we can change the world. From realising this I thought of how I may be able to help others from my experiences of mental health issues. That help has come in the form of a fundraising challenge – £100,000 for Mind by the age of 30. A big feat but one where I have realised that, despite the money raised, failure is indeed no longer a possible outcome. So far I have set up numerous online platforms in which I can spread my message of being kind to others and of being good to yourself. I intend on making gifts, baking cakes and doing the odd run or two. If just one person learns from all these efforts that in fact what they are feeling isn’t healthy then I deem this all a huge success. So please get in touch and let me know how you have turned something negative into a positive.

If you would like to help Lowri out with her fundraising challenge, click here to access her Just Giving page.

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