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INHEAVEN @ Buyers Club

Last Friday the volume of gigs was innumerous, so much so I even found it hard to entice someone along to the gig with me. Down the road glittering indie poppers Sundara Karma were at Liverpool Guild Of Students, their biggest show yet, whilst Mercury Prize nominated The Big Moon were across the road at The Magnet. I found myself at indie grunge pop foursome Inheaven’s headline show at The Buyers Club. Releasing their eponymous album to big praise, the foursome have been up and down the country after acclaim from The Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas.

The Buyers Club is one of Liverpool’s most beautiful venues, appearing like an urban indoor garden. Tonight the demographic of the crowd, whilst largely consisting of teenagers who asked their mum to buy them cans of Red Stripe for the cause, is also full of middle aged people, hoping to believe the hype that surrounds Inheaven as the torch bearers for guitar music.

Inheaven walk on stage quite reservedly, emulating their sound which although vociferous, is almost controlled and reserved all the same. Their sound drifts between influences of Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine and the big hooks of grunge icons Nirvana, whilst frontwoman Chloe Little possesses the fervernt attitude of Garbage’s Shirley Manson. It’s refreshing to see a band so proud of their achievements, evident through Little’s grinning face as they plough into their first synth tinged tune Bitter Town.

Asking the crowd to come forward, frontman James interacts well with the crowd, however the band sometimes seem a bit cliché at times, as if they’re trying a bit too hard to emulate their icons of 90’s past. Big hitters such as Baby’s Alright, Treats and their biggest hit to date Rengeneration send the crowd into pure pandemonium, a sure sign of acceptance in the guitar music world.

Personal highlight for me is the song Treats. Chloe Little elevates the band to higher standards, through her bags of charisma and a voice that injects attitude into the songs. It’s a pop rock grunge anthem, with swirling distorted shoegaze feedback of guitars swirling round the build up to the big hook as Little exuberates “I want someone to treat me right”. The dynamics between frontman and frontwoman seems a Carl and Pete sort of relationship; a partnership that oozes charisma and camaraderie.

One thing for sure, after witnessing Inheaven tonight is that they won’t be playing a venue as small as The Buyers Club again anytime soon, as they look set to build quite a sufficient following, they’ve come a long way since I last saw them at FestEVOL Gardens back in May. Perhaps, they’ll be headlining Liverpool Guild like Sundara Karma next time around.

Check out the video for single for Stupid Things below.

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  1. Jordan Holdsworth Jordan Holdsworth says:

    Let’s hope they are headlining the Guild sometime soon! Great work, Charity!

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