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Harry Miller – ‘Scarlett’: A Review

Harry Miller is back with his second single, ‘Scarlett’, establishing himself as one of the ones to watch in Liverpool’s music scene. 

Sometimes songs are more than just catchy lyrics and a good melody; instead they tell a story and take us on a journey with the artist, giving us an emotional connection to someone who we may not even know. This is a case best seen through Harry Miller’s latest single, ‘Scarlett’. 

Close to 6 minutes in length, it starts off with a simple beat, but quickly layers up into an assortment of different sounds and rhythms. On the surface it may seem like yet another song, but lyrically, we are taken through a painful journey of the tragic loss of losing a young child. The raw power of grief and frustration shines through Harry’s vocals, and as the track progresses it’s impossible not to get caught up with the chain of events yourself.

A truly incredible second single, from yet another strong Merseyside artist.

‘Scarlett’ is out now on all streaming platforms, and you can see Harry perform at Sound Basement on the 22nd September, tickets available here


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