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EBGB’s, Liverpool’s self proclaimed den of debauchery has become Liverpool Music Week’s host for bands from their ‘Breaking Out’ section. 2nd November saw the delight of London’s Goat Girl, a female four piece making melancholic, eclectic music that would not be out of place on a 90’s playlist. Recently signed to Rough Trade with four singles under their belts, they are billed as the headline act of the night.

I arrived at the venue just in time for Liverpool lads Shy Billy, who contrary to their name put on a raw, energetic performance that is anything but introverted.

The dim tunnel like venue, and eerie lights are the perfect backdrop to the set, underpinned with a certain secrecy as if you are in on something special. The usual four-piece take the stage as a 5-piece in the form of a violin player, adding to the sinister sound of the band. Whipping through a stellar set that includes singles such as Cracker Drool, Crow Cries, Scum and Country Sleaze. Their sound can be compared to The Fall, if they crossed over with Hole and went through Brexit. Lead singer Clottie Cream, has a deadpan vocal style used by bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, which react well with the palpitating riffs. For me this is one of the most compelling new bands to come out of the underground in a while.

What is most intriguing about the band, is the way in which they play with dynamics, varying from short and snappy, to dramatic and gloomy. With lyrics like “How can a whole generation be so f****ing thick?” from single Scum, they are concise and straight to the point, but how elaborate does one have to make the idea? The stage presence was pretty muted, but it worked well as a sort of dissociation from today’s modern society, I left feeling a strange feeling of doom towards my generation, but with a glimmer of hope for the music scene.

Check out their latest single Cracker Drool here.

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