Jessica Fleming

Gengahr @ The Buyers Club

The last time London-based Gengahr were in Liverpool was the summer of 2015 for Sound City, so to have the band return for a gig at the Buyers Club felt extremely overdue.

After support from local band AGP (which we unfortunately missed but apparently didn’t disappoint,) Caro took to the stage in the incredibly intimate venue. And the Leeds-based trio have become a band I deem as ones to watch. With a unique style and a lead singer whose vocal range is similar to that of Joe Newman from Alt J, the band captured the audience’s attention at the first note. Their track ‘Cold Comfort’ stood out the most for me – one minute long-winded lyrics and an infectious guitar arrangement, the next a slow melodic guitar captured in a heavy beat.

Fast forward and the crowd was raring to go as Gengahr made their way on stage. Opening with new song ‘Mallory,’ Gengahr instantly presented how they’ve progressed musically since their debut album A Dream Outside (2015.) However, the style that I find sets them apart from other bands is still recognisable – Gengahr is still Gengahr, just musically grown up. Along with ‘Mallory,’ the band played 5 other new songs which mixed in well amongst the recognisable tracks and also set up anticipation for Gengahr’s upcoming sophomore album. ‘Whole Again’ showed off frontman Felix Bushe’s vocals against the accompanying laid back guitars. Other unheard tracks like ‘Burning Air’ display a deeper sound to that of Gengahr’s earlier material, featuring more guitar solos with a fuller, more intricate approach.

Fan favourites ‘Heroine’ and ‘Fill My Gums with Blood’ had the crowd singing along and dancing to the upbeat yet chilled out vibe. ‘Dark Star’ – an instrumental track I adore for its memorable guitar chords – was a highlight of mine and fit in beautifully amongst the rest of the set. However, it was probably new track ‘WWG’ which impressed me the most and exemplifies how this band has progressed and grown over the past year or so. To close the set it couldn’t be any other song than ‘She’s A Witch’ – the whole room was moving, topping off a truly brilliant night.

Gengahr’s show was one great song after another – a seamless mix of tracks both new and old. If I came out of this gig thinking anything, it was that I cannot wait for this band’s second album to be released.


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