Welcome to Liverpool!
Congratulations on your offer to study at Liverpool and a big welcome from the Ellipsis team!

You’ve picked a great uni which is situated in a city steeped in culture. We’ve put this page together to help you with settling in and to answer any questions you might have. Above all, our biggest piece of advice is to have fun and to take every opportunity!

Ellipsis is the University of Liverpool’s arts and culture print magazine. We print twice a year and you can pick up a free copy around campus.


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The Guild is home to over 230 societies. If you have an idea for a society that doesn’t exist, you can start your own!

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Tips from the Team

Chloe Lewis
You’re gonna find out which people are ‘your people’ eventually- even if the people you’re hanging round with now don’t seem like the sort of people you’d like to be friends with, ones who you have more in common with will come into your life soon enough!
Chloe (Music Editor 17-18)

Casey Logue
Get to know the city and make it what you want it to be. You have time and you have a multitude of people around you, be them lecturers, other students, work colleagues, who you’ll get to know and offer you support as you offer it to them. University is whatever you want it to be, so make it yours and have a wonderful time.
Casey (Deputy Editor 17-18)

Jordan Holdsworth
Join Societies! Head to the Welcome Fair on Thursday and Friday of Welcome Week and chat to any society that interests you. I know people who didn’t and regretted it instantly – trust me, it’s so much harder joining later in the year.
Jordan (Co-Editor 17-18)

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