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Advice from Second Year: Where to go on a night out

Two second years – who wish they were ‘freshers’ once again – give a list of their favourite places to head to on a night out:

The Raz
On a Monday night, the Raz is a solid night out. If you can excuse the slightly sticky floors, a lot of fun can be had. First off the music is full of classics; think old school Jamie T and blink 182. Secondly, you can’t beat a ‘razbomb’ (essentially a jagerbomb) for £1 and the Raz is the only place you’ll find a fat frog (who really knows what’s in them).

Baa Bar
Baa Bar is perhaps most famous for having silent Jay off Channel 4’s Gogglebox working there. The drink range is always interesting; including toffee flavoured shots and drinks out of science equipment. It can get pretty busy on a Friday night, but it’s always good for a dance to a remix.

Although it’s not the prettiest venue, there is nowhere else in Liverpool apart from this infamous tequila bar that you can buy baked bean flavour tequila for £1. Yes… £1! Baked bean flavour is perhaps the most unusual of flavours sold there, but there are also plenty of other solid choices for the same price; on the safer side are flavours such as strawberry and mango, but for a sneaky surprise get your mates a chilli one without telling them.

Does what it says on the tin. Classic pop to dance to with your friends and pretend you’re back in a school disco. If you’re looking for busted, McFly or S Club 7, then this is the place for you. It also features a pole to dance on – if that’s your thing.

At the end of the night is there really anything better than a bit of karaoke? You can request literally anything – something from the Lizzie Mcguire movie anyone? Although you occasionally have to settle with listening to people murdering a grease medley, the vodka slushes there are pretty decent and very cheap – not a bad compromise.

Heebie Jeebies
Spanning over three floors and a courtyard, ‘Heebies’ is the place to go if you like free entry and great music. By Christmas, you will be able to guarantee seeing at least 5 people you know every time you step foot in the courtyard – but that’s no bad thing. Upstairs, you’ll find R&B a plenty, if that’s your thing, but the real highlight of this legendary Liverpool club is its basement. From Arctic Monkeys to Liverpool’s own Wombats – downstairs in the basement you’ll find more indie anthems than you can shake a stick at. Well worth a peek!

Arts Club
Although it’s more commonly known as a music venue, Arts Club is also a good location for many a fab night out. On Thursdays, go and play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ with the bar staff for the chance to win a free drink – brilliant! On Fridays, Arts Club plays host to Medication, one of Liverpool’s craziest student nights out. If you’re into EDM, the main room in Arts Club is the place to be. Plus, more mainstream vibes can also be found upstairs.

Shipping forecast
Thursday nights at the Shipping Forecast are all about Juicy – if you can bear the never ending queue to get in. From Beyoncé to Kendrick Lamar and everything in between – Juicy is a very popular night out. Shipping Forecast has also played host to SoulJam, a soul night that comes around every few months and is full of funk and fun.

Faculty is the home of the infamous ‘quad vods,’ which should come with a warning note attached. It is the place for cheap drinks at the start of the night and is a great meeting place due to its central location.

Soho is another place for free entry and you’re guaranteed a token for a free shot on the way to the bar, so why not use it? Soho is also nice in the day with a seating area on concert square, and at night there’s ‘Top 40’ downstairs and R&B upstairs. Their wide range of alcoholic slushes are also highly recommended.



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