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12 Bucket List Bars

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Welcome to Liverpool!

You’ve just got off at Lime Street, you’ve kissed your family and friends goodbye and stocked your cupboard with Koka noodles. Now what next? Drink? We know being a student isn’t all about the drinking but it’s a huge factor for it. Liverpool has an effervescent nightlife and we can only imagine the memories, no matter how hazy, you’re going to make in the next couple of years. Can you hear the jealousy?


Heebie Jeebies

A rite of passage. Ask any post-grad where’s worth going and they’ll undoubtedly say Heebie Jeebies. Known as “Heebies” to its devote fans, this is the kind of place where a quick protocol pit stop in the toilets can lead to finding yourself a new best friend. We all know there’s nothing as empowering as a toilet full of drunk people and, truth be told, you might spend more time in here than on the dance floor. Whilst “Heebie Jeebies” can be defined as being consumed with nervousness we can confirm that this bar will do nothing but give you a sore head.



Salt Dog Slims

Born out of many European getaways and visits to New York, the mixologists at Salt Dog Slims have created an experience which winks at German camaraderie whilst draping itself in an American flag and parades around in Scouse nipple tassels. In other words: good beer, tasty food and a Scouse sense of humour. The beer flows freely in Slim’s as it is drank by the stein, but of course for German merriment to carry on into the wee hours of the night a bite to eat is essential to keep the stomach lined: some of the tastiest hot-dogs around. You’ll struggle to find an atmosphere as electric.




Oh fair La’Go, how is thee so good? If you’re new to Liverpool, La’Go holds a cult-like status within the hearts of the revellers of the night. One night there, you’ll see why. It has recently undergone a refurbishment, much to the dismay of the many who quite liked their feet sticking to the floor. The drinks are cheap, the dance floor is full but many come for the soundtrack. From Marvin Gaye to The Fratellis and the odd Arctic Monkeys, you can release your inner indie-cindie. La’Go welcomes all walks of life and every night of the week hosts a jumbo bucket of life.




Bringing the Tiki revolution to the forefront of Liverpool nightlife, Aloha is the perfect place for a pau hana (we’ll save you the Google, it means drink after work). Whether you are coming down to shake your tail feather in your hula or drink a cocktail out of a coconut shell, Aloha is the place to be. Let’s just get this out of the way now, one night you will head there and think “The Zombie” is a good idea. It’s a cocktail of all parts alcohol and will put you in a cab to Nabzys whether you like it or not. Go get your tiki on.



24 Kitchen Street

This is one for the edgy kids. 24 Kitchen Street is an intimate, mixed-use independent music and arts space that stands for good times. Expect spirits, glasses and the occasional roof to be raised. Some of the most outrageous events in the city happen behind these very walls. From festivals dedicated to Kanye West, garden parties and the occasional grime night, there’s quite literally something for everyone. That’s the beauty of the space, it’s not set in stone and evolves into a wonderful array of things throughout the year.




Prepare to become bezzy mates with Concert Square over the next couple of years. From the inflatable paraphernalia, to the fluorescent shots and the “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Zante” t-shirts, it’s just so Liverpool. On a hot day Concert Square is booming and, since 1997, Modo has been the place to go. Pull up a chair, order yourself a pitcher and grab yourself a shisha and bask in your awesomeness forever more. We’d also recommend a Guinness at McCooley’s too.




Two words: quad vods. It’s not a drink, it’s an experience. Faculty and Slaters stand side by side and depending on how drunk you are, you might not be able to tell the difference. For us, Faculty just, just edges it. Slaters has some original features and an olde-worlde ambiance where as Faculty is a place where quad vods are churned out in more quantities than butter. The minor faults and blemishes only reinforces the iconic status that Faculty holds. Whatever you do, please don’t quad vod in text, no ex partner wants love declared to them at 2am and to be asked how their cat is.



The Krazyhouse

The Krazyhouse is Liverpool’s flagship student club, and also one of the biggest nightclubs in the city. It’s a converted warehouse with three floors and three bars and – unlike the other nightclubs in Liverpool – each floor is dedicated to a different type of music. The Krazyhouse is like an apprenticeship in nights out and a place that has destroyed many livers as well as people’s irrational fear of Goths. Where else can you drink acidic alcho-pop’s, ride a mechanical surf board and listen to Kid Rock in the same night?



The Raz

The Raz is the kind of place where the worst version of yourself can be accepted. Neigh, not accepted, encouraged. We’re from the school of thought that believes you shouldn’t be allowed to graduate until you’ve spent a night in The Raz. Forget the most poignant lecture you’ve been too, this is a lesson in the University of life. It’s insanely cheap and arguably Liverpool’s ‘best worst’ club. Far past the student days, you’ll never forget The Raz for staining the soul of your feet… and your actual soul.




Although well established, Constellations is still in its kaleidoscope stage, meaning the patterns and elements are constantly changing from whatever way you look at it, but you know the final picture is always going to amaze. Students love a beer garden: those days where light turns to dark, one beer turns into six and a civilised night out turns into anything but. The decor is an illuminati conspiracists dream, it is full of triangles, a suspected ode to the area. Either in the summer or at night, the space is a sight for sore eyes and the perfect setting to stargaze over a Liverpool Craft Beer.




Camp and Furnace

Located in a vast complex of time-worn industrial buildings, in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Camp and Furnace is part event space, eatery, bar, music venue, indoor festival park and photographic studios. Since opening its doors in 2012, Camp and Furnace has quickly gained a reputation as one of the country’s most exciting places to eat and drink, being voted 2nd in The Times’ ‘Top 20 coolest restaurants in Britain’ 2013. Also, more recently, home to Bongo’s Bingo – the outrageous alternative bingo including impromptu raves and special celebrity appearances that must go on your bucket list.




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