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10 ways to enjoy Liverpool on a budget

We know Liverpool by no means takes the crown for the most expensive city in England. No seven quid pints, eye-watering coffee prices or bankrupting taxi rides here. But Freshers Week can eat up your cash like there’s no tomorrow, especially when you’re being faced with Concert Square, easy-access junk food, and Wilko’s student storage solutions (if you’re not hauling a plastic drawer tower from St Johns back to your accommodation mid-September, are you really even a Fresher?). With all this in mind, expanding our cultural education can be tricky – but not impossible. Here are ten ways to enjoy the lovely Liverpool, without having to go hungry afterwards.

  1. Albert Dock

It really is downright pretty, especially on a sunny autumnal day (although you’d better wrap up in your best cable knit). You can stroll over the cobblestones and gaze out across the rippling waters, pretending you’re in a Meg Ryan film, all for the low low price of nothing.

Albert Dock. Image courtesy of Katy Holt

Albert Dock. Image courtesy of Katy Holt

  1. The parks

Sefton Park, Stanley Park, Calderstones Park, all are beautiful green spaces Liverpool has reason to be proud of. Go on a pedal boat, have a picnic, play some tennis or simply steal a swing from a small child.

  1. The museums

Don’t roll your eyes. Liverpool’s free museums offer mesmerising planetarium shows, Egyptian mummies, meteorites from Mars, and dinosaur bones. Good dinosaurs too. The big ones.

Image courtesy of Katy Holt

Image courtesy of Katy Holt

  1. Art galleries

The galleries are free! Liverpool Tate displays work by Jackson Pollock, Picasso and all those other edgy geniuses you have in postcard form on your bedroom wall, while the Walker Art Gallery showcases paintings by Rembrandt and Monet (and we all know they’re really famous).

  1. Central Library

Have you seen it? It’s like Hogwarts met the Starship Enterprise. And a library is, by definition, free. Go and have a cup of tea and wile away the day with a good book. The Lord knows you need to make some headway on your reading list.

  1. The cinema

We all know most cinemas charge approximately £13 per Capri Sun. Luckily, Liverpool One’s Odeon offers student discounts, supersaver tickets, and £5 Screen Unseen events. A shiny Odeon points card on top of all that means pretty soon you’ll be getting those Capri Suns for free.

  1. Independent restaurants and cafes

Quick and easy fast food chains can be tempting, but Liverpool has better options. Lining Bold Street is a plethora of interesting and reasonably priced independent eateries, including Bold Street Coffee, Maggie May’s and the very pretty Italian Club. All offer good prices and good food, while Berry Street’s Tokyou will serve up a £4 plate of noodles so vast you’ll be looking to share with the person closest.

  1. Liverpool Cathedral

You have to admit it’s beautiful. And if you’ve ever imagined yourself sipping tea from a flask and daintily reading a paperback in secluded sunshine, the ethereal St James’ Garden is the place to do it.

  1. The Everyman and Playhouse theatre

Lucky for you, students aged 25 and under can see plays at either of these fabulous theatres for a fiver by becoming a Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) member. There’s no catch. Although it does mean you now have no excuse not to be terribly sophisticated.

  1. Explore

There’s no two ways about it: to have a great time in Liverpool, you need to explore what’s on your own doorstep. The city is home to buskers galore, mimes, street plays, festivals, not to mention mesmerising Chinese New Year celebrations, and none of this requires a single penny. Can’t get much more budget-friendly than that.

Image courtesy of Katy Holt

Image courtesy of Katy Holt



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