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Frank Turner @ LGoS

Last week Frank Turner landed in Liverpool for his 1980th show, and boy, was it a party. With backing from The Sleeping Souls, Turner brought all of the energy and excitement that he is known for to the Mountford Hall and shook off all of those Monday blues.

After battling the elements outside, I caught the first support of the night, Esme Patterson. A crowd had already formed in front of the stage as Patterson powered through her upbeat, strong set. Felix Hagen & the Family carried on the night with a very theatrical performance packed with energy, dancing, and rock n roll.

With the playlist coming back on, the buzz in the room grew and slowly people started moving forward trying to get the best view. Frank Turner came onto the stage to a big roar and began playing, with the Sleeping Souls joining him moments later. The next two hours were jam-packed with all of Turner’s best songs, more than I can name in this review, but there were so many highlights throughout the set.

One thing Turner wanted to do throughout the night was to get everyone dancing. At one point he jokingly described the feeling in the room to be similar to a sixth form prom. So Turner, when playing ‘Glorious You,’ got everyone in the room doing jazz hands. From then there was no stopping the crowd and the rest of the set was greeted with constant jumping, singing, and even an attempt at a circle pit.

Another addition to the party atmosphere was the fact that it was Turner’s brother-in-law’s birthday. After a verse of ‘Happy Birthday’, Turner proceeded to make Paul carry a piece of cake through the crowd to the tech desk. Soon enough the band broke out into ‘If Ever I Stray’ and Paul began to crowd surf across the room. Whilst it was a relief that the cake made it in one piece, it was also just fun to see the audience get so involved in the show. Sometimes it can feel like there is a barrier between the artist and the crowd at gigs of this size, but Turner removed that and was constantly engaging with everyone throughout the whole set, telling stories, and even doing a short acoustic break in the middle.

After 2 hours of non-stop entertainment, Turner ended the set with one last crowd surf before everyone wrapped up ready to face the torrential rain outside. But there’s no denying that the gig had lifted the morale of everyone. With his 2000th show in Nottingham in a few weeks, there is no sign that Frank Turner will be stopping any time soon. All I can say is if you ever get the chance to go see him live, don’t pass it up.

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