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Forrest @ Studio 2

Being the middle support band within a four act slot can’t be a role that comes particularly easy, especially when you find yourself performing on stage at 8:15pm on a bitter Monday night in December. Yet despite all this, local Liverpool 4-piece Forrest, made up of Adam, Posh, Danny and Conor, rose to the challenge, attracting a decent sized crowd to Studio 2, and putting on a set to remember.

The indie/emo band have only been making music since February this year, making them a particularly new addition to Liverpool‘s ever growing music scene. However, since playing their first gig in June as the support for Wasted Lights at the O2 Academy, they have gone on to support bands such as Joy Room, Headclouds and now Irish rockers Otherkin. To much annoyance they are still yet to release music online, meaning I had no idea what i was in for, but with the room filling up with people even before the set had started, I had the indication that there would be good things to come.

Throughout their set, Forrest impressed the room with their originality, both musically and also with their eccentric song names (I Hate You Too: Electric Boogaloo, and Operation Essex being the stand outs of the night). Stylistically, at times, it was hard to pinpoint their exact influences, as they mixed between American Football esque melodies, and a more low-fi indie sound that would fit right into a Juno soundtrack. With the tone and pace of each song changing throughout, along with their intricate and prolonged guitar solos, Forrest confirmed themselves as a quartet of strong and talented musicians.

As frontman Adam remarked that one of their songs was like ‘If Johnny Cash listened to emo music’, its clear Forrest have found a good balance between the upbeat and the gloomy. Disguising their deep and heartfelt lyrics behind fast paced and rocky guitars and drums, its hard to decide weather you should be dancing or crying to their music. By throwing a slower, yet not typically cliche, ballad within the mix, the band showed further their versatility, this time seeing the softer guitar riffs and melodies almost embody the feelings behind the melancholic lyrics.

Minor hiccups such as faulty guitars didn’t draw away any attention from the music, and went almost unnoticeable with the band. As their last gig of 2017, its clear Forrest have gone out with a bang, hopefully 2018 will be the year we see a lot more from the Liverpool lads because it will certainly be a good thing if we do.

You can find Forrest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud

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