Kian Goodsell

“For the Many, Not the Few.”

A night of complete electricity and, a pivotal standpoint for Liverpool. On this night, Bongo’s was graced with an array of characters, delivering support for Labour, ranging from Liverpool’s Metro Mayor, Steve Rotherham all the way through to the very own, Jeremy Corbyn. All uniting in solidarity and fighting against the Conservative agenda.

The evening had opened rather nostalgically, reflecting on the growth of Labour popularity, and the move from a Liberal Democrat majority. Experiencing an infectious sense of pride, the hall was imploding with merriness and contentment with the success of the Labour popularity, harnessed within Liverpool, and beyond it. A common theme that arose from the speakers was the push to reduce poverty and increase employment. With a population of 61.3 million, there are predicted to be over 1 million people sleeping rough, and are at greater risk, with very little drive from the Conservatives to eradicate this, with homelessness doubling since 2010. Over 100,000 children are currently sleeping in temporary guest housing and hostels. Something not only psychologically draining but, highly faulting attendance and performance in school.

Despite, the Conservative win of the General Election in 2017, this was still only won by very slim margins. Gaining 317 seats and 42.3% of the vote, Labour had brought a tremendous fight, accessing 267 seats and 40% of the vote. The reality is that, Corbyn had triumphed in many ways, that Theresa May never could have, actively engaging a high influx of youth voters. Similarly, Corbyn truly stands with the sold motto of “for the many”, with his voting record bestowing support for the repressed of Britain. Consistently supporting the implementation of gay rights within the legal system, and persistently challenging the Iraq war. In comparison, our current Prime Minister, May, between the dates of 2002 and 2014, had chosen to oppose gay rights 10 times, with a recorded of 9 absences on days where such legislation was to protect and recognise the LGBTQ+ community as equal with the rest of society.

Yet, even overlooking all of this, in that moment, the hall was entirely animated (as expected at Bongo’s) and had got me thinking about how idealistic it all was. The involvement of such a high altitude of varying characters from many different walks of life, all uniting in support of Labour is the perfect image of what Britain should look like. Welcoming and without stigma. All hosted by the exceptional Bongo’s Bingo, successfully maintaining high energy, creating a night to remember.

If you haven’t checked out this incomparable event already, then what are you waiting for?! With a complete mix of tunes catering to everyone’s musical needs, and a fun filled night, which will have you leaving in hysterics. With one winner leaving with a Phillip Schofield carboard cut out, signed by Jeremy Corbyn and another with a Henry Hoover. Every night is entirely unanticipated but, there’s always a guarantee that you’ll leave needing to go again.

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