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Flyte @ Buyers Club

After an amazing show at The Magnet earlier this year, London alternative-pop boys Flyte returned to Liverpool for a sell-out show at the beautiful venue of Buyers Club. The fairy light adorned vibe of the venue worked harmoniously with the group’s dreamy pop style, creating a night to remember.

After support from TV ME and local band SPINN, Flyte opened their set with the catchy Victoria Falls, the first single from their debut album The Loved Ones which was released in August this year. As one of the groups more universally known songs, this immediately got the crowd singing and dancing along with the band, whose delight at the excitement of their audience was clear.

With the audience captivated by the boyish charm of frontman Will Taylor, the band continued their set with harmony heavy songs such as Sliding Doors and Faithless. Although apparently lesser known songs from the album, the performance and reception of these songs was amazing nonetheless. The charisma of the band is undeniable, their set made more intimate through funny anecdotes and conversations with the crowd. This broke the barrier between artist and audience that is sometimes is all too apparent at gigs, and perhaps is what gives Flyte the emotionally relatable edge needed to connect with many of their songs. The story that preceded the memorable Little White Lies had the audience laughing along, keeping the tone of the gig light and fun.

Furthermore, the band know their audience well: as well as playing tracks from The Loved Ones, Flyte took the time to play a fan favourite that was not included on the album. Harley Street touched upon the sensitive subject of mental health, but despite this the feeling in the room for far from sombre as the audience sang along with as much passion as the band themselves.

For many, the highlight of the gig appeared to be the penultimate song that everyone was waiting for: Cathy Come Home. For a few minutes Buyers Club was filled with harmonies from band and fans as well as people dancing around with friends. Following this, the band announced their last song of the night. The song tuned out the be the last song from The Loved Ones which is called Archie, Marry Me. For this performance Flyte ditched the platform of the stage and stepped into the crowd for an intimate acoustic performance to remember. For the first time all night, Buyers Club fell silent in anticipation. The beautiful melodies filled the venue, leaving everyone with memories of a gig that will not be forgotten any time soon.


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