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Fickle Friends @ The Arts Club


When the opportunity arose to review indie pop band Fickle Friends live at The Arts Club, I knew they would be perfect for my music journo debut. The quintet met at music school down south in Brighton, although lead singer Natassja and drummer Sam spent some time right here in Liverpool for their first year at LIPA, so it was great to welcome them back!

The gig kicked off at half seven on a Sunday night, a strange evening for a gig, some may say. Clearly not for the music enthusiasts of Liverpool though – the Arts Club Loft was packed out within an hour of doors opening. Support artists; home grown Liverpool band Nytclub and London based R&B/Pop singer Huntar, did an amazing job of building up excitement and anticipation for the main event. Both acts were equally as brilliant as each other and it was refreshing to hear some completely new artists that I’d never listened to before. By the time the final support had hit their last chord, I was eagerly hung over the front barriers awaiting Fickle Friends‘ appearance on the stage.

The band treated us to a few new songs from the upcoming album they’ve been busy writing and recording (which is coming out next year, so make sure you watch out for it!) We also got to hear a few oldies, which the crowd, me included, excitedly belted out along with the band. A personal favourite of the evening was the slightly more melancholy track ‘Paris’, a contrast to the equally as good ‘Say No More’ which really seemed to energise the crowd – definitely a Liverpool Fickle Friends fan favourite.

All members of the band interacted amazingly with the audience, helped by the intimate venue. By the end of the gig and a little time spent with the band afterwards, I felt like I’d really got to know Fickle Friends and they left me wanting more, a sure sign of a good gig.

Aside from this, the band had the brilliant, but unusual, idea of a tombola at the end of the gig (you saw it here first) where each audience member would be in with a chance of winning some Fickle Friends merchandise. I’ve never seen people so eagerly awaiting someone to pull a ticket from a tombola drum as they knew they were winning something other than a cheap bottle of wine or a left over selection box from last years’ Christmas. The idea definitely went down a storm.

This gig was like no gig I’ve ever been to before and I’ve now got a lot more new tracks I know I’ll be wanting to add to my Spotify playlist. I encourage everyone to go and see Fickle Friends if you get the opportunity (even if it is a Sunday) They won’t let you down, and in the words of Fickle Friends themselves, ‘Sunday is the new Friday!’

Fickle Friends’ new single ‘Brooklyn’ is out now, have a listen below!

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