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Erasure’s 2018 tour with support from nu-disco artist Bright Light Bright Light: Preview

80s pop sensation Erasure have recently embarked on their sold out European tour which will span a two-month period, and they arrive at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall on Tuesday 6th February. Their shows are likely to feature classic hits such as ‘Give a little respect’ and ‘Sometimes’ but will also showcase new tracks which have been created in collaboration with post-classical musicians Echo CollectiveErasure’s new reconstructive album, World Beyond, is one which modifies a previously existing track list with songs that address current worldly events and politics resulting in a reflective tone. The new collaboration between artists gives songs “a new dimension” where their contexts have been adapted, in turn “creating a new place for them” (Neil Leiter, member of Echo Collective). Their sound for the 2018 tour will be a mix of both their well-loved 80’s sound as well as a renovated one which will please their many fans across Europe.

Supporting Erasure on this tour is Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) who will open each of the twenty-one UK and Ireland tour dates with them this Winter. With Erasure being a major influence in Bright Light Bright Light’s music, audiences will be able to expect a funky synth-pop set which resonates with the nu-disco genre. Bright Light Bright Light has previously recorded with Elton John and Scissor Sisters as well as Erasure’s own Vince Clarke, which means that their two performances will be both complementary and exciting to watch.

Check out Bright Light Bright Light’s track ‘Running Back to You’ which features on his album Choreography with Elton John on the link below:


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