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Emilie Kahn – ‘Outro’: A Review

Emilie Kahn has shed her moniker ‘Emilie and Ogden‘ to produce her sophomore album Outro, full of melancholy which often accompanies a progression into adulthood for many singer/songwriters. Released on the 22nd of February 2019, one sees a progression of Khan’s artistry from indie-folk to much a more sophisticated and dreamy indie-pop which suits her skills as a songwriter beautifully. This is not to dismiss Kahn’s previous roots in indie-folk as something less successful, but more that Outro embodies a new sense of soft vocals and intimacy, truly playing to her strengths.

Kahn is also a talented harpist hailing form Montreal, the harp is woven through the album lending a sense of continuity, journey, and identity to an album that showcases songs which reflect on misplaced feelings and bad calls – something all of us can relate to.

What Kahn does so masterfully is turning these melancholic songs for the listener into a cathartic experience, acknowledging the hurt but allowing it to be released, liberating one from the strong or repressed emotions in a delicate but truthful way.

Perhaps one of the most successful songs from the album is ‘Islands’. Already released on Spotify and a music video on YouTube raking in over 36 million views, ‘Island’ toys with the daydream of dropping everything and sailing away. Kahn herself discussed the track as a feeling of isolation and worrying that you are never going to be special enough.

Kahn, “I think as women we are often made to feel like we should be in competition with each other, something I’ve always felt in the music industry“. This sentiment can be seen as the inspiration for the whole album. On tracks like ‘Never Good Enough‘ and ‘Will You?‘, Kahn reflects on the disheartening nature of self-doubt.

Will You?‘ is asking someone if they will “take care of me when i’m dying, drown in my salt water when i’m crying, Will you take the fall get on your knees and burn it all?”. The lyrics are a subtle and masterfully written exposure of a persons vulnerability and dependency on someone else.

Kahn offers something unique and different to the world of indie-pop, something which is difficult to pin down. But an attempted explanation can be as a cathartic, melancholic and an aesthetically pleasing sound, encapsulating what feelings many people experience but cannot express in such a beautifully dichotomy on an album which stings as much as it soothes.

Outro is released on the 22nd of February 2019 and is available from most online streaming platforms.

A link to Emilie Kahn’s Spotify page is here and her twitter is here!

You can find Emilie on Facebook and Instagram @emilie_kahn too.

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