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Levels & Badges
Earn badges by writing articles for the website, commenting on other people’s articles and contributing to the society. Collect enough badges to work your way through the rankings!
Chat to a committee member about how to achieve more badges and more points.

By interacting with the website, you’ll earn badges, which equate to points. When you earn enough points to reach a ranking, the website will automatically update your ranking and you’ll be able to see your level here.

Keep interacting with the website and with Ellipsis and go for gold!

You can also achieve badges for any additional responsibilities you might take on during your time with us. See the ‘What’s on Offer?’ box for some inspiration.

Your Ranking

Level Rankings
There’s four levels available. You’ll achieve Bronze as soon as your first article is published…

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

Platinum Level

What’s on Offer?

New Article Published
As you submit more articles to us for the website, we will reward you in points!

New Comment
Support a friend! Top up your points by having a read of our existing articles and commenting on them.

Log Ins
We like it when you visit. As such, have a few extra points for logging into your account on a regular basis.

Take on Committee Responsibilities
If you’ve helped out our committee, they can put you forward for the Committee Responsibility badge. If you help us, we’ll help you!