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Ellipsis Election 2016 Summary


Photo by the Guild Officers of Liverpool Guild’s Election Event about 5:30 AM

In case you’ve been living under a rock with noise cancelling headphones on, last night was the American elections and it was somewhat of a big deal. Ellipsis was doing a two-man twitter commentary under the hashtag #EllipsisElection as the events unfolded, with Editor Alaa doing excellent live coverage from the election event in the Guild of Students and Politics Editor Rachel keeping on top of minute to minute results from the Associated Press, CNN and Politico in order to tweet them and make them easy to understand and follow. Throughout the night they
were joined by coverage from Cecily Sheppard and others at LSRadio, including a five hour broadcast of their Politics Hour segment, and Tom Marchant for The Sphinx, creating a veritable barrage of student media tweets and combining to create powerhouse coverage for the University of Liverpool.

Ultimately, both student media and the rest of the people in the Guild were waiting on the edge of their seats throughout the night, with support being shown for both main candidates. Many cups of coffee were consumed, frantic fact-checking Google searches were undertaken, and everyone involved bonded out of sheer nerves and sleep exhaustion. After Trump took Pennsylvania at about 6:30 AM, one of the last key states to be decided, Ellipsis decided that the results had become clear and coverage and interpretation was no longer needed for the remaining viewers to understand Trump’s victory. Regardless of the opinions on the winning candidate, this election is sure to be remembered as historically significant, and Ellipsis is glad to have been part of the coverage watching it happen in Liverpool.

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