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Ellipsis does SO Elections: Meet & Greet

It’s that time of the year again!

As of 9 a.m. on the 7th March, YOU will be able to vote for next year’s Student Officers. The SOs are our representatives within the Guild and currently comprise of President Harry Anderson, Deputy President Alex Ferguson, Vice President Emma Sims and Vice President Rosie O’Donnell.

There are 19 candidates standing for the four available positions, and on Wednesday 2nd March, Ellipsis hopped down to their Meet & Greet session to see how things were shaping up. As well as the chance for all the candidates to mingle, there was also a cracking supply of free food, which I appreciated but didn’t indulge in too deeply.

Following a general introduction from Harry Anderson, the Meet & Greet also hosted the moment that each candidate received their requested campaign pack. Items in these ranged from ‘Vote For…’ posters, to button badges, to onesies, to a tent – and I can tell you, these campaigns are looking to be extremely creative! Click here to read through the candiate manifestos and start making your choice.

2016-03-02 14.16.31

Out with the old and in with the new…

2016-03-02 14.47.17


2016-03-02 14.32.44

It’s a Mike thing

2016-03-02 14.27.32

One President admires another… There was no keeping Obama away!

2016-03-02 14.27.02

Our friends at The Sphinx getting some sneaky meet-side interviews

2016-03-02 14.22.05

Obama is ready

2016-03-02 14.21.13


2016-03-02 14.22.16

Campaign pack opening action shot

2016-03-02 14.34.16


2016-03-02 14.26.50

And greeting!

2016-03-02 14.13.01

“Have you seen the free biscuits?”

2016-03-02 14.13.20


2016-03-02 14.13.07

And meeting!

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