Echo and the Bunnymen – ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’: A Review

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Originally released as their only single from Songs to Learn & Sing, and used for the film Pretty in Pink, Liverpudlian band Echo and the Bunnymen have re-imagined their 1985 single ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’ for their forthcoming album The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon.

Without listening to the original release, or at least not recently, it is easy to think this song has not been ‘transformed’, but merely re-recorded, with Ian McCulloch’s vocals being notably different. However, the overdubbed vocals are removed, the drum machine more potent, transforming the song from a dream-like state, into one with a punch, which strangely works with the plosive lyrics throughout.

For a live performance, it is easy to imagine this version inspiring the audience to stand, dance, and sing along, rather than sit back in a lethargic state. However, the single begs to be asked, is this really needed? The song is brilliant, it was just shy of a top twenty hit upon its original release, and the transformed version is great, but there is not a significant difference that encourages fans to listen to this, rather than just listen to the original recording. For an album of re-imagined hits, this single is safe; allowing fans to trust change, but it isn’t bold or daring in doing so. It will be interesting to see how the other songs are ‘transformed’, in addition to the brand-new songs.

The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon is released on October 5th, which can be streamed or purchased here, followed up by another UK tour (which previously sold out), with dates and tickets available here.

Listen to ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’ via YouTube

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