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Don Broco – ”Technology’: A Review

The teasing and tasting of a new aesthetic that Don Broco fans have endured over the past two years will finally reach a climax on Friday in the form of a full album release. The bands third studio album Technology will be released via SharpTone Records, much to the excitement of fans who have committedly followed the carrot for two years now. Upon listening to the album for the past two weeks, I can confirm that it was worth the wait for its vibrant and enticing actuality.

The initial tone for Technology was set almost two years ago with the release of its first single Everybody, and has been attentively developed consistently since then. Everybody has been played live since 2016, and even came with its own Snapchat filter during their tour of that year. Five singles have now been released, all of which have been well received and have added to the air of excitement surrounding the new album. Despite the need for immediacy that has developed with the age of the internet and streaming, Don Broco have successfully maintained an impressive level of engagement and excitement from their fans, something which will only add to their enjoyment upon hearing Technology in its entirety.

In accordance with their previous two albums, this album is energetic, infectious and catchy from beginning to end and solidifies the band as one capable of producing such content. I haven’t been able to turn it off in my mind since the first time I heard it in full, which can only be a good sign. My trust in Don Broco’s ability to make me forget the world for a couple of hours and get unreasonably sweaty and carefree at a gig was already confirmed, but I’ve also been surprisingly enchanted by the mature and cultured depth of this album, perhaps explained by the many adventures that they’ve been on over the past couple of years. Whilst playing shows in Japan, America, Australia, France, Germany and Belgium (to name a few) and exploring their assorted cultures, the topics broached in the bands lyrics have become increasingly profound. They explore politics, the digital generation, the music industry, and relationships; and maintain an impressively insightful and poetic tone throughout.

The maturity of Technology is not only evident in the topics that it explores, but in its ability to make otherwise unexplainable emotions audible. T-Shirt Song is my personal favourite example of this, as soon as I heard that single I knew that Don Broco had propelled into a deeper level of creativity, intelligence, and talent; one that I’m certain will be well received by their existing fans and by those who are about to discover them. The music is as catchy and fun as ever and Rob’s unique vocals are particularly well displayed, but there’s more room for exploration of their lyrics which adds another element of enjoyment. The music is inventive and varied but stays true to their unique sound, which is something they have balanced perfectly. They say it themselves: “give me fucking greatness or give me nothing at all” and Technology is definitely nothing short of greatness.

Rock Sound was right to describe Technology as a “contender for album of the year”, I already know that it’s going to be one of mine and I can’t wait for other fans to hear it and agree. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring these songs, thinking about the deeper meanings behind their lyrics and not being able to stop myself from singing them in the shower, and I’m glad of the place it now has in my music library.

Simultaneously to this release, the band is set to embark on a UK tour from Thursday 1st February, concluding in Glasgow on the 21st. Don Broco have given me some of the most energy filled and fun shows that I’ve ever been to, and I can’t wait to hear these songs live. Technology is a perfect progression for the band; it combines their classic loveable elements with fresh and interesting topics and works perfectly. As mentioned, the first five singles are all available to listen to now and the album is available for pre order. Get excited.

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