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Dirty Hit Tour 2017 : Superfood @ The Arts Club


They’re back. Their debut album Don’t Say That was released almost three years ago, and since then we haven’t really heard much from Birmingham indie-pop group Superfood. The band’s Arts Club appearance on the Dirty Hit Tour accompanies the release of their most recent single, ‘Double Dutch’ (link below,) which uses comparably heavy sampling to their last album and a more synth-based sound. The band received critical acclaim for their first album; Don’t Say That stormed to success in 2014. Since then, Superfood have taken a public hiatus and concentrated on creating material for their much anticipated second album.

Though the gig wasn’t full, the atmosphere was electric; the room was filled with loyal Superfood devotees, who knew every word to every song. They kicked off the hour long set with their newest release, ‘Double Dutch’, and the crowd went wild. Obviously pleased with this positive reaction to their new single, the band were clearly enjoying themselves despite the relatively low turn out to the gig. The audience responded to each song with praise and applause, while the inclusion of new and unreleased tracks only added to the buzzing atmosphere. The Arts Club’s top room was the perfect venue for this intimate gig; the stage is small and at one point Superfood’s frontman, Don Ganderton, jumped off and came down into the audience, much to the delight of the crowd. After a brief exit, the band returned to the stage once more for an encore of ‘TV’ from their first album. Once again, the crowd went crazy, ending the gig on a high.

Although part of me feels sad that the gig wasn’t as full as it should have been, I feel fortunate to have witnessed such a great band in such a personal, intimate setting. With the Dirty Hit Tour well underway, it’s clear that the much anticipated second album will be as, if not more, successful as their first. Superfood, we’re waiting!

Below are links to the bands Facebook page, and new single ‘Double Dutch’:




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