Deaf Havana @ O2 Academy Liverpool


On the 18th November 2017 I had the pleasure of seeing one of the best live performances I have seen in a long time at the O2 Academy in Liverpool. Deaf Havana stole my heart many years ago when I was in year 9 and although they may have disappeared for a bit this did not affect their performance skills and undeniable talent. An interview with Tom and Matthew from the band before the show may have gotten in the way of us seeing the two support bands, Decade and Blackfoxxes but we were able to catch a little bit of both sets- the atmosphere was already crazy and they definitely warmed the crowd up for Deaf Havana.

When the band sauntered on stage, so cool and casual, a tangible buzz went through the waiting crowd. It was clear the majority of the crowd comprised die-hard fans who were visibly moved to see them live and I knew straight away it was going to be a very special night. The set list included many songs from their recently reworked album All These Countless Nights including my favourite, Happiness. The lyrics are so beautiful and touching and experiencing this song live, especially in the middle of a crowd of people who all felt the exact same way, was truly something I will never forget. It’s such an incredible album and the talent of each member of the band has a heartfelt and raw edge to it and the reworked songs, which were already impressive, have an added depth and dimension to them. They have worked hard not to just reproduce the album to boost sales but to create an album that they are proud of, and so they should be! It is definitely something I will be adding to my playlists. They also added some of their older songs into the set list such as Hunstanton Pier and Anemophobia, taking me back to my high school days and allowing me to reminisce about a time when I was young and had no deadlines or responsibilities (if only).

One thing I absolutely despise when I’m watching a band play live is when they don’t interact with the audience, but, as expected Deaf Havana were funny and witty and they made the entire crowd feel welcome and comfortable. Lead singer James chatted about The UK Foo Fighters, a Foo Fighters tribute band playing downstairs, saying ‘I was just thinking about The UK Foo Fighters all the way through that song and it made me mess up the riff but I remembered the lyrics which is good for me’ making the audience laugh and remember that professional musicians who have been in the industry for years mess up too (because you know they are just like us). Not only was their talent and energy right at the top of the scale, they made the show more than just a live performance of their songs, it was an exciting and beautiful experience for everyone there.

I have to say it is definitely one of those gigs that I will remember for life. The atmosphere was incredible, the band put on an absolutely sensational show and still interact with the audience and make it fun and friendly, everyone was bouncing and singing along and it just felt like for that short amount of time everyone just forgot about all their problems and enjoyed the music. I guess that’s the power of music.

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