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Cures and Curses -‘It’s Not The End of The World’: A Review

University of Liverpool’s very own Aaron Akpojaro and David Blackburne, professionally know as Cures and Curses release their newest EP on the 06, showcasing the pairs unique and brooding alternative rock.

The boys new EP titled, It’s Not The End of The World has eight atmospheric and brooding tracks. Inspired by the likes of Pvris and Fall Out Boy, Cures and Curses has carved out their own place in alternative rock with auto-tuned vocal and large, building orchestral elements. Whilst auto-tuned vocals is often synonymous with raw vocals leaving little to be desired, Cures and Curses only use them to enhance their sound, and they do not disguise the talented vocalist underneath.

In the opening track ‘121’, you get an overall sense to the direction of this EP. It is a broody, dark and atmospheric track, opening with jangling notes only adding to with emotive and exposing lyrics. It is on tracks like ‘Your Heart’ which I believe the boys really shine on. Similar to You Me At Six, ‘Your Heart’ sounds more upbeat but lyrically takes the listener on a journey of a relationship where one person begins to turn sour and the bond begins to weaken, ultimately leading one to question where the others heart has gone.

All eight tracks run into each other nicely, creating a harmonious and fluid feel to the EP. This is often hard to do when bands start out, as they try and cram all aspects of their sound into one album. Cures and Curses strike a balance between their capabilities of variety but also not grouping songs together which sound awkward to the listener.

Tracks which the boys have already released, ‘Fall Apart, Crash Together’ and ‘Lost Out’ which have had warm receptions, feature as tracks two and three respectively. Ultimately the boys provide listeners with a classic alt-rock sound with their own spin, which in this day and age is difficult when so many talented bands are all trying to make names for themselves.

If you haven’t heard Uni of Liv’s very own Cures and Curses definitely give them a listen HERE!

The EP It’s Not The End of The World is available on most streaming platforms from the 23rd of November.

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