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Cures and Curses: EP Release Interview

Alex: It’s been a year since we last spoke, what’s changed?

Aaron: Got some gigging experience under our belt now

David: We’ve made our EP! other than that being the major thing, we’ve got some ideas that didn’t make it on the EP, and we’ve got like a foothold for what we want to do next, we know what direction we’re going.

Alex: ‘It’s Not the End of the World’ is an interesting title, what made you chose it?

Aaron: Well originally we were gonna call it something different, at first it was called Trauma when we had around 4 tracks. It was around a time, I wouldn’t necessarily call it traumatic, but there were some things I’d call hard to get through. And then it was at the start of this year really, I realised I didn’t want to mire myself in the sad meanings of the music. I thought it seemed a better way, because I came out of all that, to frame it what I went through with the mindset, ‘Well it didn’t kill me!’ I went through all of it but you know, I’m not dead, it’s not the end of the world (Laughs). And there’s so much stuff at the moment, saying you know “the apocalypse is coming” with Donald Trump and fucking Brexit, and there’s such a negative climate right now, and I think the positive thinking in the music was important.

Alex: What would you say the main themes that tie the songs on the EP together?

Aaron: well the songs were written over a long period of time, and the first song 121 starts in a real sort of darkness, and the last track Found Heaven is quite hopeful, so I think there’s growth throughout the EP. It links in with the title, you go through all this stuff, but you see the other side.

David: Aaron’s experiences were the main motivation behind the songs, but I think with most albums there’s a period of time which influences it massively. Because there is continuity throughout the songs, and it’s taken from that mindset from which you write them. And next time we write, we’ll be in a different mindset so we’re really looking forward to that!

Alex: And obviously this is your first EP together, how did you find it compared to releasing a single? What were the main challenges?

David: Working with Aaron! (laughs)

Aaron: (chuckles) I am a monster.

David: I think the greatest challenge was realising when to stop. I had an idea of how I wanted the songs to sound, and at first you really want to stick to this vision in your head, but you realise when you’ve got the song there you need to realised it’s enough. When we do future music I think we’ve got a way to go in making it sound more professional, there’s room for improvement.

Aaron: When we were writing the songs, then recording and mixing them, there were like four times where we could’ve been done.

David: Yeah, but when you listen to it you always see the little things that can be improved.

Aaron: You have to know when to stop, so the perfectionism was a big part of the recording process. And sometimes when you in that position where your putting the idea in your head out onto a record, it can be demotivating when you can’t achieve exactly what you want. And we really wanted it just to be the two of us when making the EP, we couldn’t ask for help.

David: You hear a lot of people saying that a song can just ‘flow from them’, and they can do it in an hour, but I’ve never had that. I’ve always had to work hard over a long period of time for me to get it right. So, I’m looking forward to the point where we get our music out quickly while also staying true to our vision. What matters is we both enjoy doing it.

Alex: Have there been any particular musicians which influenced you in the making of the EP?

Aaron: Since it was written over a long period of time, I can listen to one of our songs and I know what music I was really into at the time.

David: Yeah, and the theme of our music is that Aaron is quite into alternative, modern rock while I’m more into electronic styles.

Aaron: Bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Lower than Atlantis, and Don Broco had a big influence on our early singles Fall Apart, Crash Together and Lost Out, which you can definitely hear how they are stylistically rock. In the later stage of writing, with songs like Found Heaven, there’s definitely an indie influence there, I was listening to a lot of bands like Pale Waves and Fickle Friends. Proximity, which is actually several years old by the way, I was listening to a lot of Kanye West when the idea for that first came to me. That’s how broad it is (laughs) we’ve got from Pale Waves to Kanye in there.

Alex: Your vocals as well Aaron, any singers you felt have influenced that?

Aaron: For a lot of autotuney stuff, that’s very much a Kanye West thing. Patrick Stump is also my favourite singer, so there’s some influence there.

Alex: So David, do you feel you’ve brought more electronic tendencies to the EP?

David: Well we wanted to keep the rock style, but some songs like Proximity and Found Heaven naturally lent themselves to a more electronic nature. I think we might head more in that direction in the future.

Alex: I really enjoyed So Pathetic! The lyrics sounded like you were pissed off with someone but you were sad at the same time, can you tell us more about how that song came together and what it means?

Aaron: Yeah pissed off and sad sum it up (laughs). I think most people probably knows someone who maybe might not fulfil their own potential, but not just that, but because they don’t want more for themselves. I know at times in my life I’ve been that person as well, and you have to be told off for that.

Alex: I’m curious about Proximity as well, because as you said it’s so old, but it’s definitely one of the more electronic songs on the EP?

Aaron: It actually hasn’t changed much to be honest, there were definitely more rock influenced drums on it originally. I’ve always had a vision for it though and I like to think we’ve stuck to that,  we’ve sort of modernised it and the electronic stuff just bolstered it.

Alex: What about the closing track, Found Heaven, it sounds like a powerful finish to the EP, what was the recording process for that?

Aaron: That was probably our most collaborative song.

David: Yeah, I remember Aaron brought the framework to me but I did a lot of the electronic work, especially the breakdown.

Aaron: Well what actually happened is I brought a lot of the guitar parts that I recorded to Dave, and he said “this is bad.” (laughs) So he re-recorded the riff, and you can probably hear about only 10 seconds of me playing in the final song, the rest is all Dave, and he added so much of the electronics towards the end.

Alex: How have you found performing the EP live?

Aaron: It’s been fun!

David: Yeah it’s always been quite chill, and we’ve always got a good reception, so we’re getting more confident each time we play.

Alex: And how have you found navigating Liverpool’s music scene?

Aaron: It’s hard cause there’s so much talent, it’s hard to get the eyes on you. We don’t want to necessarily do what everyone else is doing either.

David: I’d say our style is quite unique, and I don’t think we’ve heard anyone else do the kind of thing that we’re doing. And it’s nice we’ve got our own style and space. And that definitely helps us stand out.

Alex: What’s next for Cures and Curses stylistically?

Aaron: Hmm, probably less intense rock stuff.

David: Yeah, still keepingthat rock influence,but with a more electronic side, for instance I really liked our song Proximity cause it’s an example of how we want to experiment more in that electronic style, and in Found Heaven there’s a big electronic breakdown as well.

Aaron: I think realistically it’s going to be in the New Year where we get back at it, but we’ve got couple things in the locker we can put out. In the meantime, we’re just really excited about our EP which is dropping on Friday and bringing attention to that, we’re really proud of it!

Cures and Curses‘ debut EP It’s Not the End of the World is out this Friday November 21st, and you can pre-save it here 

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